How to Stop My 2 Yr Old Frm Beastfeeding

Updated on November 23, 2010
S.S. asks from Riverbank, CA
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my 2 yr old son would not stop breastfeeding,is their any ways to make him a baby he didnt like bottle so i was stuck with breastfeeding since iam i dot work,and my hubbys job makes us travell all over states.he doesnt take no for a answer and will just snuggle in my lap ,i just dont know what to do.please can someone give me hints of how to stop him frm breastfeeding....

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So What Happened?

thnks ladies for all the answers,when he was one yr old,i bought him all kinds of shippy cup,his big sister drinks milk frm sippy cup but then i only breastfed her for a wk or so when she was born,he see's his sister drinking frm cup n he understands that cause he will hold her cup n pretend she is a baby.......i want him to stop B.F completely cause iam planing to join work again since my dota will start pre-k nxt yr.....thnks for all the try de band aid trick n hopefully he gets the times..i get so emotional drained ......hope il succedin weaning him.....

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answers from Sacramento on

My Grandmother did this to stop my aunt from breastfeeding: She used face paints and made her breast look like eyes, the belly button a nose and the bottom of the tummy a big mouth. My aunt never wanted to breastfeed after that. Good Luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

My daughter self-weaned... at about 2.5 years old.
I did extended breastfeeding, my choice, and allowed both my kids to self-wean.
My son did so at 1 years old.

BUT... I talked to her about it, telling her one day she will not need to do that. I also taught her:
1) MANNERS about it... only at home, not in public, NOT just lifting up my shirt.
2) I told her, it is MY boobs.
3) If she asked, I would at times tell her "In a minute, Mommy is busy now..." then she would get distracted and forget about it... and I would not sit down and made myself "busy" which is not hard to do.

At this point, she was not even 'nursing' much.
Then one day, she just told me "I don't drink from you anymore..." and then giggled like she thought it was so ridiculous that she did that. And she was done.

My friends, with kids that same age did this:
They put Band-Aids on their nipples and told their child "Mommy has a boo-boo..." or, "Mommy's milk doesn't work anymore..." and they said that worked for them very well. They applied band-aids, until they felt their child forgot about even asking.

Next, give your child a "lovey" to have and cuddle with and sleep with... if he does not already have one.

all the best,

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answers from Detroit on

I don't know what other advice to give except to just don't allow it to happen - if he starts climbing into your lap or lifting your shirt or whatever else he does, tell him no, and set him down. Don't give in. This time might be especially difficult, since nursing may have been a source of comfort for him, but he's going to have to get used to hearing no about many, many things. Tell him he is a big boy now, and big boys don't nurse - let him pick out some sippy cups from the store and tell him that's what he needs to use from now on.


answers from San Francisco on

The most recommended way to wean is to eliminate 1 feeding every 3-4 days to allow your body (and your child) to adjust. If you quit cold turkey, depending on how often your son nurses, you could get engorged (and we all know how fun THAT way when our babies were tiny), and that could lead to plugged ducts and possibly even mastitis. Weaning slowly is always the best way to do it unless there are extenuating circumstances that don't allow for that (ie: surgery, sudden trip, etc).

The biggest thing with a 2yo is to stick to your plan because if he sees that you'll give in "just this once," then he knows that you'll give in again. Good luck, and keep the faith :)



answers from Chicago on

I am not sure I understand the problem lol. I breastfed my kids. At 2 he is well old enough to be done breastfeeding. It is more snuggling / cuddling thing. Just tell him no and don't open the shirt lol. Keep a cup ready for him in the fridge and or on the counter with water. Its really not that hard. Not being smart just don't understand why you can't tell him no more. when he is 15 and wants to drive the car to a party you will have no problem saying no. but you need to start practicing.



answers from Chicago on

Are you trying to wean him slowly or going cold turkey? If slowly it will take about 3 weeks just cut down the nursing and give him attention in other ways. It will be tough but you can do it. Like the other posters said get some special cups for other kinds of drinks and stand up when he tries to climb on your lap. Also wear clothing that is very difficult to nurse in turtle necks tucked in you get the idea. He will still affection though spontaneous hugs and kisses through out the day. read stories with him on your lap. Good luck!



answers from Gainesville on

I weaned my very attached daughter at 20 months. It really helped that she was old enough to understand a bit.

It took about 2 weeks to fully wean her. I used a lot of distraction. If she would ask I would tell her "in just a minute. Mommy has to _____" and then get busy with something. We also used a sippy cup of warm milk at night and snuggled in the rocking chair.

I have heard that some moms put band-aids over their nipples and tell the little ones that they have a boo boo and baby can't have milk right now.


answers from Houston on

im right there with ya!, breastfeeding now actually, i have such a 'boobie baby" its not even funny, ill be paying close attention to your answers. even though im having a hard time like you, i love the fact that i breastfed this long, id keep going but i have a massive lymph infection that i cant get rid off due to not being able to take pills.



answers from San Francisco on

A friend of mine breatfeed his son until 17 months. I heard that she squeezed lemon on the nipples to stop him from breastfeeding.
Perhaps try putting on something spicy or really sour...!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Take him to the store and let him choose out a cool new big kid sippy cup and from now on only let him drink from that. Just put your foot down.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi S.,
I know how you feel. From everything I read, the "cold turkey" method wasn't recommended so I chose the slow weaning method and it worked great. I eliminated one feeding per day each week. It took a while but it didn't upset either of us too much. When he would ask, I would say no more milk from mommy; milk from fridge. and offer a cup of milk and simultaneously suggested another activity to distract him. It took time and patience but worked like a charm. Also, if you are still night nursing, here's a link to a method that worked really well for us.
Best of luck!



answers from Kansas City on

Take a vacation without him for a few days...does he use a sippy cup? If you can't vacation right now, just be firm and say no. It's similar to getting rid of the pacifier I would think.

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