How to Start on Milk

Updated on January 13, 2009
J.T. asks from Victoria, TX
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I was wondering how to start my son on milk. He will be one in a few days. I heard to do two ounces at a time and gradually up the milk. I would like more information on what type of milk and how quickly I can add more? I have the Super Baby Foods book but found nothing about gradually adding anything. Thanks mommas!

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answers from Austin on

I started my son on cows whole milk when he was 10 months old and slowly introduced it. Start by mixing 2 oz whole milk to like 6 oz formula. Do this for 2 weeks or until you know he doesnt have an allergic reaction and its not changing his bowl movements. Then i would up it to 3 oz milk 5 oz formula for 1.5-2 weeks. Then half and half and so forth being sure to leave plenty of time for his body to adjust. I know it will be so nice to not have to mix any more formula!


answers from Houston on

I think everyone does this differently and there is no "right" or "wrong" way. It is just a matter of your parenting syle. I am a cold-turkey kind of person. WHen my daughter turned a year- I gave her milk in a sippy cup and never thought twice about it- neither did she. She is 2 1/2 now and LOVES milk. Until your son is 2- you will need to give him whole milk because he needs the fat.Just remember your attitude about things greatly affects how your son reacts. If you are hesitant about if he'll drink it- then he will pick-up on that and be hesitant as well. Just give it to him like it's no big deal.



answers from Houston on

If you want to give your son cows milk, its your perogative. Personally, I think that what you and your family consumes shouldnt because of the opinions of others.

I will have to say, dont let yourself get upset if he doesnt drink milk. My daughter is almost two and doesnt drink milk. I have tried EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!!! She'll have no part of it. C'est LaVie!!!

Good Luck!!

Margaret :)



answers from Killeen on

Offer your son a sippy cup with milk in it at his meal times. Do not force him to drink from it...but offer it as he eats. When the meal is over, if he did not drink much or any of his milk, give him his formula to supplement him. It may take a couple of weeks, but I promise he will come around. You may have to get a variety of different sippy cups because, like the bottle or the binky, babies are very picky about the feel of things in their mouth and there might be sippy cups he simply won't take anything from because of the spout on it.

Remember to be patient as this too will work itself out. ;-)

I hope this helps you... ;-)



answers from Houston on

(There have been lots of these requests lately. You should check them out. Oh, and don't give your baby cow milk.)

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