How to soothe teething pain for a 2 year old?

Updated on May 22, 2008
A.A. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My son is just turning 22 months and I think he is starting to get his 2 year molars. He just got his top and bottom eye teeth and it feels like he has been teething forever! Does the timing seem right on this, to be cutting those last molars about now? This last bout of teething has really been the most painful for him and I am just wondering if this is normal.

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Keep lots of cold rags or iced teething chews handy to ease the pain. If the pain really hurts try Tylenol. Just comfort him with cuddles, soothing music and rock him when the pain is overwhelming for him. If nothing works, consult with your pediatrician.

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Thanks all!

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answers from Rapid City on

Timing does seem about normal. Eye teeth are the hardest to get in for some reason, the molars probably won't be as bad. They chew where the molars come in, making it much easier to break them through. Good luck.



answers from Iowa City on

Completely normal! They are his 2 yr molars after all! My daughter got hers at 18 mos & my son's are still slowly coming in at 28 mos.

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answers from Appleton on

I know every kid is different when they are teething. My son just turned 2 earlier this month and his last molar just finished popping through this last week. He always had more pain with the molars, so yes i believe this is normal. I know they can start bothering them months before they even pop through. Good luck with the last few.



answers from Minneapolis on

Eye teeth are very painful for teething, so that is normal. Timing for two year molars seems right too.

Try using hylands teething tablets. worked wonders for my son with his 2 year molars.



answers from Minneapolis on


Totally normal, especially if he got his other teeth early. To ease the discomfort, see if he wants something warm or cold, soft or hard to chew on. Different kids like different things.

Good luck,



answers from La Crosse on

Every child gets teeth at differednt times, I would guess that he is getting the two year molars, I am sure you have tried all the normal teething tricks to ease his pain, but just think after the two years molars you are done with the teething for a long time.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

My son had all his teeth, including his 2 year molars by the time he was 15 or 16 months old. He is now 5 1/2 and already has one 6 year molar that he has had for a few months now, and working on another one. My 1st daughter who is 2 1/2 just finally got her last 2 year molar. And my youngest daughter is 9 1/2 months and she only has 4 teeth right now. They all come at different times. Sounds like your son is right on schedule!!



answers from Sioux Falls on

Yes, yes and yes!!! My little guy will be turning 2 in July and he too, seems like he has been teething forever! But, after a 2 month break he is now cutting upper 2nd molars and is MISERABLE!!And so are the rest of his family lol.

Good luck, the end is in sight!




answers from Madison on

My son started having symptoms of getting his 2 year molars around 22 months, he is now 24 months and still working on those miserable things. It has always taken him forever to get his teeth to break skin so it has been a miserable pretty much non stop teething process for us for the past 2 years. I always know when he’s teething cause he gets a horrible diaper rash and doesn’t sleep well at night and has diarriah. And after about 2 months of this we finally see a tooth pop in. I can see his 2 year molars under the skin, they just won’t break thru. We have always used Hylands Teething Tablets from day 1 for his teething. They are all natural and they seem to do the trick instantly with no adverse effects, the bottle says to give 2-4 tablets at a time but I have only ever given him 1 tablet at a time and usually only 1 -2 per day and that seemed to make all the difference. If he is in a lot of pain I would give him 1 tablet and he would feel so much better he could finally go to sleep. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use them : ). Good luck and this too shall pass. (Hopefully along with the terrible 2’s and 3’s)



answers from Waterloo on

Hi A.! Yes I think it's normal. I have a 2 1/2 year old and she is now finally popping out those last molars. It's been over a month now and we are waiting on the last tooth to break skin. When it started to happen she became ultra crabby and sometimes restless at night. The worst is when she refused to brush her teeth anymore because her teeth hurt her so bad. We almost gave up that these teeth were even coming! LOL It's been probably almost a year since her last tooth came in! These molars took FOREVER!



answers from Minneapolis on

Yes, the timing is right for 2 year molars. I thought the eye teeth were bad, until those came in. They seemed to be the worst for our son. Each child is so different though. The only thing that really helped him was Ibuprofen. That can be tough on stomachs, so I tried to use it mainly at night. The only other thing was distration and patience. It felt like he was teething forever, but we did get through it. Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

My kids used a homoepathic tablets called teething tablet by Hylands I bought them at a natural foods store but Target and Walgreens and Snyder's now carry them. It was great. Liz S.



answers from Green Bay on

My second child started getting her 2 year molars around 18 mos so I would say your child's molars could very well be ready!



answers from Minneapolis on

My son turns 2 tomorrow and I noticed that one of his second molars is in but not the others. So I think you are on track... Maybe double check with your dentist?



answers from Grand Forks on

My son had ALL his teeth BEFORE he was 2 yrs old INCLUDING his 2 yr old molars! Teeth grow in when they grow in. Better now than later, right? Keep lots of cold rags or iced teething chews handy to ease his pain. If the pain really hurts try tylenol. Just comfort him with cuddles, soothing music and rock him when the pain is overwhelming for him. He will be glad you did! Good Luck!...T.



answers from Minneapolis on

This is totally normal. The molars were the worst for us too. I used baby Tylenol at bedtime, and Anbesol during the day. On really bad and restless nights, I used the nighttime Anbesol formula. A nurse friend of mine told me to be careful with those numbing gels...if it slips down their throat and numbs them, they can choke or have problems swallowing until it wears off. So use it sparingly.

My cousin told me about those natural teething tablets found at most pharmacies, but those didn't work for us.

A cold/damp washcloth stored in the freezer is soothing for them to gnaw on.

You can try a gel teether soaked in ice water, and ice cubes or chips in their water filled sippy or bottle helps too.

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