How to soothe indigestion during pregnancy?

Updated on October 17, 2008
J. asks from Arlington, TX
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I am 34 weeks and have had a lot of indigestion. I have been using Maalox but it hasn't been working all that much anymore. I have been drinking sprites which used to work but sometimes it doesn't. Does anyone have an remedies? I usually drink water through the day and a little at night. I will even get hearburn when I eat oatmeal so I don't know what to do at this point. I never really had these problems with the first child but this second one has given me so many issues.

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Every pregnancy is different, some might have heartburn while the other don't. Some moms suggested to take Tums if it's mild heartburn, and drink milk. Consult with your doctor before taking any medication.

So What Happened?

My doc said I could take Zantac and it really helps!!! I take one in the morning and one at night. I tried to not take any yesterday and could really tell a difference. I don't have to use Maalox all that often unless I haven't taken the Zantac. And yes my doc said it was ok to take Maalox.

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Hello J.,

I thought I was going to have monkeys because of my indigestion... (you know the saying..indigestion means a baby with lots of hair) anyways, milk of magnesia was my relief. and come to find out, it was really good that I took it because after delivering via c-section... my bowels did not want to move at all and since I was taking milk of magnesia, well, I had less pain when my body decided to start working again... good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ~C.~

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I had it so bad for the last 2 months of my pregnancy that the acid reflux I was having from the indigestion would make me sick. I ended up having to take Prilosec because literally nothing else was working any more. Also, limit as much as you can the amount you eat before bedtime especially and try to eat dinner as early as you can. The more food you have in your stomach before you go to bed the worse it will make things.


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You are going to have a hairy baby... that's what they always told me, they all came out with hair, but anyway... I ate tums a lot, one thing I did is have a nice very warm glass of milk putting a little sugar and Cinnamon... it worked for me, but I do like warm (almost hot) milk, some people don't.

I use to get it worse the closer I came to my due date. Your doctor can give you something stronger, but I'm the type that's afraid it might her the baby. The milk worked for me, sometimes I had two, and I had my baby early September, so yes, I drank hot milk in the HOT Texas summer...

Good Luck,



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I had it bad with both my kids. I drank A LOT of milk. I drank milk with every meal, that was about the only thing I could stand. I did eat tums a lot too. My dr. said he would give me something, but I don't like to take medicine, especially if I'm pregnant, unless absolutely necessary. And milk seem to dowork ok, I knew once I had the kids it would go away and it did instantly.



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I had it bad as well. I took Zantac 75 with my Dr.s approval and it worked like a charm.



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Sorry to hear you're wrestling with indigestion! It can be miserable.

If you take things like Maalox, or use baking soda or milk, you are only putting a bandaid on the problem. Baking soda are milk are bases, and in the end it will only stimulate more acid production.

You may want to try starting on an oral probiotic for long-term help, and chewing papaya enzyme tablets for short-term relief. Or even eating fresh papaya to help with digestion. I recommend buying papaya enzyme tablets from health food stores or places like Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods instead of Wal-Mart or Target because the quality if much better

Be sure you're drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine and sugar, avoiding spicy and fried foods. Eating plenty of veggies and fruits will help too!

Hope you find some relief soon!



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I ate Tums like it was going out of style. Before going to sleep, however, I'd take a Zantac (dr. approved). In my 3rd trimester, the heartburn was SO bad that the only way I could get any sleep (the little that I did get -- lol) was to sit up in bed with pillows propped against my back.

Good luck to you!



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Okay, I had the worst heartburn with #1 and #3 and towards the end of preg. #3 I was told that water makes it worse. I began to limit my water to before meal times or well after I had eaten and it truly helped. Also, I took lots of Tums and one thing I did, was buy the smooth ones, they are much less gritty, and I kept them in the fridge-it was so much better.

BTW, I am not trying to scare you or anything but did your Dr. say that you could take Maalox? I thought that the only thing we could take is tums. Just wondering. Good Luck, you are almost there.



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The best thing for heart burn is baking soda. Just add a teaspoon to your drinking water. Heart burn does not mean hair... my daughter was born bald and I had HB bad!!!


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