How to soothe a sore throat for an infant?

Updated on July 31, 2009
H.V. asks from Tucson, AZ
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I woke up the other day with a wicked sore throat...luckily it passed in a few days. But now my 7 month old has one and is MISERABLE! She doesn't want to nurse or take a bottle :(
Any tips for helping her (and mama) pass through this?

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It could be teething causing the discomfort, but once infant can't really take medication, so consult with your pediatrician.

So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I did call the doctor and they said babies under 12 months cannot get strep. Also, since she didn't have a fever, they said not to bring her in. They recommended massaging some tylenol into her gums so she would continually swallow it. We ended up just taking several car rides to get her to sleep :) She's feeling much better now.

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Dear H.; It could be strep and left untreated it could lead to severe problems later for the baby. Please do take her to her pediatrician ASAP.



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I dont know how your baby likes cold but it might be soothing to her - sucking on an ice cube or even a freezer pop (pedialyte makes them in otter-pop form which you can freeze for a 'treat')

Or (this is great for teething babies too!) wet the corner of a washcloth and freeze. Then they can soothe themselves with the frozen corner while the rest of the cloth is easy to hold and helps with the drip & drool.

Tylenol will take the edge off the pain and allow her to eat for nourishment. Call your doc's office and see. Something could be going around. (RSV for example, is a simple mild cold in adults which we get and never give a second thought to, but in babies, hoo boy! Not saying this is what it is but it's good to err on the side of safety.)



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You could try Tylenol to take the edge off, but I personally, I would call the doctor. Just a sore thoat for you could mean big trouble for one so young. I hope your little one gets to feeling better soon.



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I have been told by my doctor's that baby's under a year can not get strep. They don't have whatever the rest of us have to be able to get it. She might have a sore throat I imagine, I would ask your doctor about tylenol or ibruprofen for that...



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You know, H., she may not have actually had a sore throat anyway. It sounds like possibly teething was coinciding with your sore throat...
Just a thought.

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