How to Remove Paint from Leather Seats! Help!!

Updated on August 08, 2009
L.H. asks from Holiday, FL
3 answers

Does anyone know how to remove paint from leather sofas? I was painting inside the house and my 2 year old decided to paint to sofa. I tried to clean it but there are still visible lines of paint. So any help would be HIGHLY appreciated! thank you in advance!

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answers from Tampa on

I don’t know what kind of paint you were using, but if its semi gloss or satin a magic eraser should help. Just wet the magic eraser and try rubbing it over the paint. If that doesn’t work I would try a little fingernail polish remover, but try it an area that you can test first. I have leather couches and I’m just trying to through some ideas out there for you. I hope this helps.

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answers from Orlando on

If the magic eraser doesn't work, I would try a little bit of mineral spirits. It can act as a paint thinner but is likely to be kinder to the fabric than acetate (nail polish remover.) When you finish, I would wipe it down with a damp cloth and then a little bit of mineral oil or tanner's conditioner for leather to keep it from drying out.

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answers from Miami on


This may sound odd, but it just worked the other day for me. My husband suggested it and I was a bit weary but I tried and what do ya know. Armor all. It took the paint right off the leather on my brand new couches.

Good luck.


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