How to remove crayon stain in dryer and clothes?

Updated on February 02, 2009
A.S. asks from Denver, CO
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Please help my 7 year old left a black crayon in his pocket and the entire load that was dried with the jeans is covered in black marks and there is a chunk of crayon dried on the side of the dryer along with marks all over the dryer walls. How do we get crayon that has been baked into clothes and how do we clean the dryer???? Please help save my dryer, clothes and my 7 year old from me ringing his neck!

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Some suggested to place paper towels over the crayon spots and then use an iron to melt the wax. The Crayola website recommends using WD-40 to wipe out the crayon. It worked great. Then wash out the inside of the dryer with soap and water to get all the WD-40 out because it is flammable. Read the article for more info. and if nothing work, contact the professional.

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answers from Denver on

Try calling a dry cleaner, they now all the tricks. Also try to find out if it was a washable or nonwashable crayon first.

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This happened to me with a very pretty blue crayon. I used a wet dryer sheet to remove it all from the dryer. Scrubbing the inside of the dryer with it. I used 4 sheets to get it completely clean. As far as the clothes...sorry... I couldn't get it out either. good luck!



answers from Grand Junction on

The only thing i can think of right off is using OOPS it will take crayon off alot of things and really not that expensive to buy.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Do your best to scrape the wax off the way it's been suggested by others. As far as the clothes go, I use a product called Kids'n'Pets. My daughter did the same thing with a red crayon awhile back. I put the kids'n'pets in with the clothes in the washer - in the place where bleach normally goes. It got all the crayon off the clothes and the inside of my washer! I didn't have to pretreat anything, it just came out. I was most impressed because a baby blanket great grandma made had gotten the crayon on it and there isn't a single spot with crayon now - it got bright red out of pale yellow. I also soaked some rags in it and cleaned my drier out. I had to scrape the excess wax off, but it got the color residue out that the crayon left behind. ***warning*** Be careful using Murphy's oil or goo gone or anything that has oil in it. It could start your drier on fire, even if you only use it in the washer. It can get on the clothes you wash and start a fire when you put them in the drier. Good luck!



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I've had this happen a couple of times. It was after the fact though that I found a "recipe" on this website that I saved on the chance it happened again. So I haven't tried this "recipe", but it sounds good.

2 max amounts (line 3) of concentrated Tide (or generic)
1 cup Oxiclean
1/2 cup 20 mule team Borax
1 cup Shout liquid
1 cup white vinegar

Depending on the clothes, wash on hot or warm. I* filled the washer and let them soak for about 20 minutes - you could actually see the stains coming off, it was amazing. I'm not sure you HAVE to presoak, but it definitely worked.

*Here's a link to the origin of this:



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Hi Andrea,
I am sorry to say the clothes are toast. I have had this happen when I am in a rush & have forgotten to check pockets of my 5 kids & overlook that loathed crayon that can make the worst experience of a mommy!

Good news is you can fix the dryer...First remove the "chunks" with just a hard plastic spoon, then what I had to do was get your head in there & take a dry cotton sock (like hubbies) turn it inside out, and rub in circular motions. Turn the drum around until you have gotten all of the spots. If there is alot you may need to use a few socks as once the wax has coated an area of the sock it will not remove anymore of the crayon.

Third I cannot save your son. If you feel you must ring his neck, then you must. Just kidding LOL.

Oh the trials we go through with our kids. Hope this helps. G



answers from Colorado Springs on

I'm not sure about the clothes but a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took crayon off of my t.v. I would scrape off the large amounts with a butter knife and then follow it will a Mr. Clean. That should work on the dryer! Wow...never thought about a crayon doing that...I will be checking pockets more often now that you have shared! Good luck!!



answers from Provo on

A friend of mine blogged about an experience like this and said the Murphy's oil soap will work if you add it to a wash with the pants.



answers from Salt Lake City on

This happend to me a few months ago with a red crayon. The Crayola website recommends using WD-40 to wipe out the crayon. It worked great. Then wash out the inside of the dryer with soap and water to get all the WD-40 out because it is flamable.

I used Oxy-Clean and bleach with hot water to get the crayon out. It took a few washes on some items and a few never got all the spots out.



answers from Grand Junction on

You can place paper towels over the crayon spots and then use an iron to melt the wax. Any tips to remove wax should work for crayons if it is safe for the material. I have tried the iron before it worked a bit but you could still see some green that was left from the color of the crayon; black may be tricky. As for the dryer I would scrape it off of the surface or it will continue to get on your clothes; perhaps a magic eraser would work. Good luck. I know it is frustrating.



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Believe it or not, your clothes will be perfectly fine - all the crayon will come off the clothes! Use Valerie B's recipe - it is truly amazing! We poured it all in the wash, let the clothes sit for about 10 minutes, and then wash normally - like she said, you can watch the crayon come off! Everything came off in the first wash - and it was red/green on light clothes. You really couldn't tell at all. One tip is to rinse twice, because it is a LOT of soap! (Daughter has done this twice now, and it worked both times).

For the dryer, we used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (or generic equivalent). Takes some elbow grease, but does come off. Dry a wet towel first to make sure it's all off.



answers from Pocatello on

This has happened to me...

1. heat your dryer up with an old towel.
2. While to dryer is warm wipe it off with the old towel.
3. repeat...

as far as the clothes go OXY Clean in HOT water is the only thing I found to semi clean it off, but they will never be the same!
Good Luck-H.

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