How to Put Family Before Work, Even If It Jepordizes Your Job!!!! Help!

Updated on April 30, 2008
A.D. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Hi! I have a pretty tight situation with my job right now. My boss is a lawyer in her own home and I am her nanny. So, when my daughter gets sick or needs to get a routine check up, there is never anyone to cover for me. My boss always talks about how it will cost her too much for me to leave for the day, and I work 9 hour days without a lunch break every day. She says that if I am going to call a day off, I have to do it the day before by 4pm so she can call the emergency nanny agency. What if I get sick though that morning, or the daycare says I need to get my daughter??? I am not even allowed to get sick. I thought it would work until I started running out of time to even eat my lunch. Now, taking a lunch or even going for a short walk is a hassle to her. My husband has to take every day off from work that emilee gets sick or has an appointment because we both work in phoenix and share a car because of the drive out there, and car pool. But, his boss is starting to get aggitated at the fact that he misses so many days. Now, I have to decided what to do. I have drafted my two week notice up, without the date on there, because my only other job opportunity is coming from the daycare I worked at previously so, I will be taking a 400 dollar paycut a month to take it, which means my husband will have to work overtime. Should I just take the plung and leave for the daycare, or stick it out until I can find something better? I am worried my husband will lose his job over my situation. I know I have to put my family first, but my boss is very intimidating, and the money situation is stressing me out. So, if you have any suggestions, or know of anyone hiring at this time with entry level that offers 11 dollars an hour that is not daycare, it would be a big help. I have worked in daycare about 7 years now, so I know that field the best, and can make the max possible there, but that isn't enough. Please, any suggestoins would be much appreciated!!!

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So What Happened?

I have decided to give my notice, and it has been extremely reassuring to hear that I am appreciated by someone. This line of work lacks appreciation immensely. So, thank you for your support. I can already feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders and I haven't even written the letter yet!!!

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It is the same story with most bosses. They have no understanding of your needs because it is about there needs. You have to ask youself... How much money will you lose a month if your husband is fired? Unemployment max is only $240.00 a week. What other career options do you have if you are planning on waiting for something better?

You might want to consider giving your notice now, taking the job at the daycare and going to back to school to improve your chances for a better career.

Your Boss is treating you unfairly if you are not able to have lunch. There are laws to protect you and she of all people should be aware of it.

Remember the only thing she can do if fire you and that might not be such a bad thing. If you let her push you around it't not going to get any better. AND, if you stay do not let your husband take time off for your daughter. You should take the time and she should just deal with it.




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You need to leave your job you currently have and go work at the daycare. Is this the daycare your daughter is attending? Have you ever thought of looking into in home daycare, you could work from home and be home with your daughter? I did it just because I loved it and it is convenient if you need to work. You may be able to work less and make more money and be home with your own child. You do not need to work for someone who is not understanding and compassionate. Also, have you looked into working at a school district? They pay decent and you can always have someone cover for you. Good luck and dont let someone make you feel like that, you have an important job and should be appreciated for what you do..



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I was a nanny for years when I lived in Mass. I was burnt out when I moved here. Not of the kids but the parents. I went to a few temp agencies and got a job working as office support. I found that I really enjoyed that too. This will allow you and your husband to share the responsibilities of caring for your daughter when she is sick. While nannying I found the parents to be extremely self absorbed. They feel that because they pay you they own you. You may consider seeing about starting your own home day care or working as a caregiver these will allow you to be your own boss.
I wish you the best.



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If I were you I would take the pay cut. I did and I would never look back ya it bites at times not having extra money but my family and sanity is worth it. I was working 50-60 hours a week and it wasn't easy to get a day off, if I were sick or my daughter had to make up three days for each day I called off. I do hair and I don't think I should have been in such a corporate atmospher and it sounds the same for you look at this way you get to see your daughter grow up too



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I agree with the other responses, that you should leave your current job and possibly go to work at the daycare. I also have another suggestion. I work at Gila River Casino, and the pay there is really great no matter what position you are in, and most of the time they are flexible with you so if your daughter is sick it would be okay for you to leave. You don't need experience in any one particular area to apply there, and many of the entry level positions pay more than what you are making now. Many of the jobs there do have different shifts, so make sure you look on the job description if you can't work nights or want to be at a specific location. If you need any other information about it, you can email me at [email protected] Either way, you definitely need to give your notice's not worth the stress, and your family comes first. Good luck!!!

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