How to Properly Dispose of Knives?

Updated on June 13, 2009
D.V. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
5 answers

Strange question but I have a set of knives that the handles are all breaking off and need to be thrown out. What is the safest way to throw out knives? I don't want the garbage men getting hurt or animals at the landfill. Do I put them in recycle? Thanks!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would wrap the blades thickly in newspaper. I think that placing in the recycle bin would be more of a hazard than just "nesting" them in the regular trash.....

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answers from Philadelphia on

When I got rid of old knives, I just wrapped duct tape around the blades and extra tape around the tips so its not pointy. Then place them in a paper bag and put it in the middle of your trash can...the rest of the trash will act as a protective padding.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would fold a piece of cardboard over the blade and tape them closed while securing to the handle so it doesn't slip off.



answers from Philadelphia on

This question is a bit of a stumper. My first thought would be to wrap the sharp ends and edges with tons of bubble wrap for disposal. I would think if you call your local township office they could answer the question too. Did you google it?

Sounds like you have your hands full with everything at home and your 2 kids and 3 dogs and a divorce, hang in there! I've been there. You will be much happier down the road, just takes some time and adjustment.



answers from Allentown on

Hi D.,

Call your recycling place.


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