How to Prevent Scar from Scratch

Updated on April 03, 2009
E.R. asks from Plano, TX
6 answers

My 21/2 year old has a inch and half scratch across his cheek. Surface scratch but alittle wide from a fingernail. What can I do to prevent scarring? Do I cover or not cover? I'm so sick to my stomach....!! Thanks

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I work for a board certified plastic surgeon (

Mederma is what he recommends to his patients. Vitamin E Oil is an alternative that is less expensive. If it looks like an open wound, use Polysporin or Neosporin until the scar forms, then start with the Mederma. Scars that are pink are still healing, so using sunscreen is also VERY important. Scars turn white when they have finished healing. The Mederma for kids should work fine. No worries...he'll be ok:)

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My little girl had stitches in her forehead. The cut was almost an inch long and above her eyebrow. Once the stitches came out I put vitamin E oil on it a few times a day. Now, six months later, it's barely visible. I wasn't terribly vigilant about applying it and only kept it up for a few weeks. I bet your son will heal quickly. Kids have a knack for that, don't they? Good luck!



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Mederma is FABULOUS - my 3 year old got into a losing fight with a rose bush a year or so ago. His face looked bad enough that I was stopped by a Sheriff's deputy in the Waffle House at about 4 in the morning to ask, "is everything ok at home". I did not cover the 'multiple lacerations', did use Neosporin until they scabbed over, and then religiously started with mederma - twice a day. His face is perfect. No scars. I continue to use Mederma because he continues to be a little BOY - that stuff is awesome.



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Hello E.,

Lavender oil helps it heal and minimize scarring.


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Vitamin E oil. It works wonders.

I had a hysterectomy in 2001 and you can hardly see my horizontal scar from the surgery.... Also, I had a couple of little lumps removed and my surgeon told to to use the vitamin E oil. I did and and it is wonderful. surgeon also said.....keep heavy duty sunscreen on the scar because the sun will darken it.

Good luck!



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Keep Neosporin on it and once it has healed most of the way, buy some Mederma and put it on twice a day. Mederma works really well to heal/prevent scars.

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