How to Plan Our Belated Honeymoon?

Updated on June 03, 2010
M.T. asks from Kansas City, MO
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My husband and I had our son, sold a house, bought and moved to a new house, and got married within three months. Needless to say, this left us little time and money to go on a honeymoon at the time. We have been saving a little here and there for the last two years and would like to start planning for our belated honeymoon to happen in the next year. Our second child is due in October and I would like to have something planned for about a year after this baby is born. I guess my question is where do you start to plan a trip like this? We would like to go somewhere warm (thinking Mexico) and all inclusive. Any suggestions on where to go? I don't know if I should just start looking online or go through a travel agent? I just want this to be fun, not stressful. Any thoughts, suggestions, good or bad experiences welcome! Thanks ladies!

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answers from Kansas City on

I just want to say that Mexico is probably not the best idea, considering all the drug violence going on there right now.

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answers from St. Louis on

My husband and I just had our destination wedding/honeymoon in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort. I would not worry about what the other poster said about the drug violence. Cancun is nowhere near Mexico City which is where all of the issues are. We stayed at the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun. It was the nicest place either of us have ever gone. It was absolutely beautiful and the staff was wonderful. I found this resort on I found it to be cheaper than going through an agent. We got a great deal and insurance comes with your vacay when booking through there. It was hassle free. Our airport transfers were included. It was great! I highly recommend our resort and I wouldn't even worry about booking yet though. We booked about 3 months in advance and found that to be the perfect timing. Close enough to our departure date to get a great deal and far enough out to still get our pick of the room types. Good luck, have a great time and congrats on your marriage, new house, son and next child!! You have a lot to be thankful for! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! A website that would be helpful for you to look at is Not only can you book cruises, resorts, hotels, etc., but they have travel agents online ready to help you, which Expedia and Travelocity don't have. So you can talk to someone, tell them what you have in mind, and they can help with what it will cost, etc.

With the flights, there are no fees on their tickets. And if you sign up as a preferred customer (which is free to do), you get 30 min. of free concierge service every time you book a trip through them. It is great for restaurant recommendations/reservations, driving directions, tickets - anything you need over the phone.

Have fun!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love to travel. I've been to 44 countries, 49 states and 6 continents. The most romantic part of travel is being with the one you love. My wife and I have been on 14 or so cruises. The most romantic of those was a Princess Cruise to Alaska. (Princess Cruise lines was the setting for the "Love Boat" TV series and they try diligently to maintain that reputation.)

All cruise ships I know of are "all inclusive, except alcohol. My wife and I just came back from Mexico at an "all inclusive" resort. We found it at "" They gave me a promo code that they said I could give to friends and family so they get a $50 discount off any travel booked with them. I asked them if I get any credit if you use my promo code and I don't. But I don't need to make a profit to help someone else. That being said, my promo code is "Promo 900388432". This will enable you to get $50 off any reservation, or that's how they explained it to me.

We stayed at our first all inclusive resort this May over Mother's day. It was "Secrets Silver Sands" and was located about 20 miles out of Cancun on the beach. They include booze. My wife and I don't drink, but the other drinks were really nice. The six restaurants were gormet and the food was fantastic. I didn't have anything that wasn't great. Everyone that worked there made every effort to make our stay fantastic and they succeeded.

Which is better, cruise or resort? They both have their pluses. The cruise lets you see various things at different ports. The resorts allows you to book tours from their resorts, but you are limited to the area they are located in. The resort rooms are bigger and the pools are bigger. The government of Mexico turned the electricity off at 8:00 pm every day. The resort then turned on their generators to supply the electrical needs of the resort. When that happened there was a voltage spike. Not a good time to be on the computer. You can't beat a cruise for the romantic setting of watching the moon rise over the water when you are standing beside your everlovin' at the rail of the ship with drnks in your hand and love in your hearts.

I would recommend you search the internet for the best deals. I used an am very pleased with what I got. It cost me $2400 for my wife and I. It included 8 days at the resort, airfare to and from LAX plus all the food and drinks. Cruises are less expensive, but just barely.

I hope you have a wonderful time. If you need to save for the cruise you can read others questions about saving money. My favorite way is to brownbag your lunch and take the money you would have spent on vending machine drinks and eating out lunches and put it in a cruise/vacation jar. In one year you'll have enough money saved to pay for your vacation.

Hope you have a wonderful time. If you or anyone wants some web site suggestions, just e-mail me.

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answers from Kansas City on

We went to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica, it is all inclusive and it 100X better than the others Sandals in Jamaica, I've heard all the horror stories. We actually got to see 2 of the other Jamaica Sandals while there were so glad we didn't go to those. It is all inclusive and the food was wonderful, the beaches were great. If your trip will be during hurricane season, by the trip insurance, it's only ~40/person and worth it. Also, sandals website you can book flights through as well, we found it really easy to do. Good luck!!

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answers from Lincoln on

Awesome! We did our honeymoon 2 years after our wedding. We actually planned the trip w/two our our close friends and went to Mexico to Playa Del Carmen and stayed at the Catalonia Riviera Maya which is an all-inclusive resort by the beach. We planned everything through Travelocity & included the transportation from and to the airport plus travelers insurance. When we wanted to go to the Tulum ruins, we hailed a taxi and spent $50 (includes there and back) for all 4 of us. Tulum ruins are absolutely gorgeous and the beach breathtaking. The resort had a bus that went to Playa in the evenings. The resort is walking distance from a cute little town. Before you book anything through any online thing like Travelocity or Orbitz or whatever, ALWAYs get reviews from Trip Advisor.

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi M., Congrats! We are sort of in the same boat. We met on 101007, engaged on 101008, married on 101009 and hoping for a honeymoon on 101010 but may not because of economy and finances. I have never been to Hawaii and really want to go there. I love cruises since almost everything is included. I don't really have any suggestions, just wanted to share that you are not alone and say congrats and have fun!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

My husband and I went on our first cruise for our honeymoon two years ago. We went again this last New Years holiday. We love it! We have a wonderful travel agent who guided us thru everything, and when we saw the rates had dropped for our trip after we made our deposit, she made sure we were getting the lowest rate. It's nice to plan ahead, pay a deposit 6 months or more in advance and then the remainder usually 3 months before the cruise. Sometimes the air fair is cheaper booked separately and a travel agent can help you with this too. You can pay tips in advance, so the only thing you pay for is alcoholic beverages and of course whatever you buy at port. We liked visiting the different islands during the cruise, taking excursions and laying on the beaches.

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answers from Dallas on

We the good thing is you have time on your side and you are not in a rush.

I personally do not use travel agents. I do it all myself online directly with the airline, hotel and rental car website. That's just me though, I've been managing my hubby's travel for 20 yrs so I have figured out some tricks of the trade on my own.

The main thing is DON'T go into debt to do this. Only do it if you can truly afford what you are doing.

I assume you are not taking the children so you can have some couple time which is needed A LOT. I also suggests weekly dates, but that's another topic.

Favorite places, We absolutely LOVED Maui so much we've been back twice. My favorite time to go is Feb-March. The whales are coming through and they are just amazing to watch. We went on whale watching trips in little bitty boats and the whales are SO close and beautiful. I love everything about Maui and when we leave I am in tears because I don't want to come home...

I've not been here but hubby has.... Cabo San Lucas Mexico. There are some nice resorts there. At this time, we are certainly shying away from Mexico due to the issues going on there.

My favorite spot in the US is South Beach Miami. This is a happening spot. It IS NOT a quiet cozy place for a honeymoon. It is a party central for adults (NOT kid friendly), lots of celebs are there, modeling shoots going on, beautiful place to go shop have fun. I don't know of anything inclusive there.

Friends have been to Atlantis in the Bahamas and LOVED it. It does have the atmosphere for families but you can also have a good couple time.

Jamaica is fun and they have a lot of all inclusive spots.

Another recommendation by friends is Turks and Caicos (sp),and Costa Rica.

You can research hotels online. The sooner you book airfare the better. TripAdvisor has tons of reviews on hotels and vacation spots.


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