How to Pay Vacation in Nanny Share?

Updated on July 11, 2018
H.L. asks from Washington, DC
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I am thinking of entering a nanny share with another family. We are interested in M-F most of the time 9-5pm ($10/hr). Some days we may do an earlier pick-up.
-Do we not have to pay afternoon hours if we do an early pick-up?
-How much do we pay if we or she takes vacation?

Thanks for any help!

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answers from Houston on

How is this a share if she is working 9-5 M-F for you? That is confusing to me.

I completely agree with TF Plano/Allen. Get with your attorney and have a contract drawn up. It will make things less confusing and messy if everything is spelled out.

If you were putting your kids in daycare you would still have to pay the full day and you should as well with the nanny. Again, that is why a contract is a must. Will you give her sick time? Lots to consider.

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answers from Dallas on

Get a written, binding contract with legal counsel before you begin so EVERYTHING is on the table, in writing and agreed on.

If you have her 9-5 M-F, you pay for that time. So what if you come home early, she blocked off her time 9-5 for you and you pay 9-5.

You also pay for vacations when you are away and when she is on vacation. That amount of money and time is to be determined and agreed upon by the 2 of you. I would say at least full pay for 1 -2 weeks if you are on a 9-5 M-F basis.

Make sure you are working with the other family that is sharing her as well so to avoid scheduling issues.

If you pay her well and treat her with respect, you are likely to keep her.

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answers from Boston on

You are contracting with this person so you need to set up the rules before care begins so both parties know what's expected. In this case you will pay for the full day even if you pick up early (because she has agreed to care for your child from 9 to 5. You also pay if you take a vacation and depending on the contract you may also pay if she's on vacation for a week or two a year.

Again get everything in writing because nothing makes daycare go south faster than a misunderstand.

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answers from Boston on

As the others have mentioned, you'll need a contract that spells this out. As a full-time job, you would pay her a full day even if you pick up early, would pay even on holidays that you're home from work (just like you get paid for federal holidays), and generally 1-2 weeks of vacation (try to get her vacation weeks to coincide with yours so that you're not paying for childcare while you're also paying her vacation). Maybe check with agencies in your area to see what the norm is, but that's the norm where I live. When I had full-time summer help, I also paid time-and-a-half for days where she was there for more than 8 hours.

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answers from Washington DC on

wow, that's one cheap nanny!

if she agrees on top of that hourly wage to cut her own pay if you pick up early, despite her having the time blocked out of her day, you'll be awfully lucky.

discuss it with her and the other family in depth beforehand. since you're already getting a crazy good deal, i'd be generous with the rest. obviously you pay for the whole day regardless of your pick up time. you should also offer time and a half for any days she has to keep your kids longer. and offer to pay at LEAST half time for her vacations and legal holidays.

you can set it up any way to which everyone agrees and it's in writing and clearly understood. but do make sure that it's a win for everyone.

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