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Updated on October 18, 2011
♥.O. asks from Parcel Return Service, DC
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I'm going to be throwing a Bridal Shower soon & am interested in making the invitiations. I've received lots of cute invitations in the past that are on pretty papers with a bow at the top keeping the two layers of paper together. The info is all computer generated. So I'm guessing places must sell kits for these type of invitations?

I'm needing to do this shower on a budget so which is cheaper the kit or making my own invitations from scratch (and buying the two layers of pretty papers + ribbons + envelopes)? If the kits are cheaper, where can I purchase them?

I don't know yet how many people will be invited.
Thank you.

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answers from Savannah on

I have seen kits at target, Michaels and AC moore. I know the craft stores offer 40% off coupons, you just have to find them in the paper or the ads. For my baby shower, my best friend use these kits in orange with cream ribbon for an elegant pumpkin theme. They came out great and ended up cheaper and easier than the invitations that you have to write out by hand!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We just scavenge the scrap-booking section of Hobby Lobby. They sell all the different kinds of papers, other scrap-booking stores do to and if that is all the sell then they will have even more options available. The sheer paper you can see the words or pictures through is called Velum. It comes in prints, sheer, swirly, all kinds of see through paper is available. The stiffer paper is called card stock, it is sold in booklets that have coordinating colors and is often on sale half price at Hobby Lobby. I usually buy the ones together already cut to a particular size so I don't have to buy a paper cutter for full size papers.

I think if you have a tiny bit of creativity you can do this easily. I have none and I find that after a while I developed a knack for it so I know everyone can do it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think I have seen the kits at Target and Staples.

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answers from Phoenix on

I make my invitations on Vista Print. I don't add ribbons or anything too fancy. They have very cute/nice invitations that you can add a picture of the happy couple onto. I think their website is very user friendly, which makes for easier processing.
If you google vistaprint coupon codes, you can usually find a really good deal.

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answers from Bloomington on

Target, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns?, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples sell these kits. Then you could also visit a scrapbook store and get ideas on how to make the invites yourself. Just ask someone who works there for simple, easy, and inexpensive ideas.

You can also go online and find templates, sayings and phrases, and ideas. They also have photocards at Walmart and Target and MANY online sites. That may be a cheap and very cute way to do it too. Most people may keep this type of invite over the other. :)

Have fun!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I started using printable invitations which are cheaper and easier. I usually get my invitations from Party City who have a variety of printable invitations for different occasions. If you do not have a store in your area you can view them online. Good Luck!

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answers from Nashville on

Walmart and any craft supply store (Michael's and Hobby Lobby) have them around here. I used the kit from Walmart for my wedding invitations. You can also look here - - it's wilton's website and they have all kinds of cute ideas.

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