How to Maintain and Keep Stained Concrete Floors Clean

Updated on October 07, 2009
D.E. asks from Portland, OR
6 answers

Hi there! My husband and I just recently moved in to a rental home which has stained concrete flooring in about 75% of the home. Does anyone know if there is any special way to maintain and keep the floors cleaned? Can I use just Mr. Clean to wash the floors? Or does it have to something special?

Thank in you advance!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Our previous home was a loft and the entire first floor had concrete floors. I used a Swiffer Wet Jet and it worked great.

We were told we could basically mop with any kind of floor cleaner. The swiffer wet jet was just so easy.

Also- just a little advice. Don't put anything rubber on the floors. Rubber has a chemical reaction to the concrete floor sealant and will adhere like CRAZY. For example, the rubber mats you place under rugs to prevent slippage- DON'T USE THOSE. They will not come off. We learned the hard way.

Best of luck!



answers from Wichita Falls on

I found this for you. You're question sparked interest bc we are currently building and doing stained concrete. Although at times I'm sure you'll need to wet parts to get 'stuff' up, the directions do makes sense if you are just trying to get dirt and small debris off of the floor. Sounds easy enough to me :)

InstructionsThings You'll Need:
O'Cedar Floor Dust Mop
a couple of extra O'Cedar microfiber mop heads
Step 1 Purchase an O'Cedar Microfiber Dust Mop from any major store such as Wal-mart, Target etc... Be sure to buy a couple of extra microfiber mop heads.

Step 2You clean acid stained floors just as you would dusting a piece of furniture. The floor surface has been sealed, so it's just like dry dusting. I do not recommend wetting the mop head first. It's just unnecessary.

Step 3Slip the microfiber mop head onto the mop and begin dusting. You won't believe the stuff this will pick up. I dust my floors once a week. Extremely quick and easy. No pushing a heavy vacuum for me.

Step 4 Take the mop head off, throw it in the washer and it's ready to go again.

Step 5 I recommend resealing a stained floor every five years or so, especially in high traffic areas such as hallways.



answers from Dallas on

no especial cleaning required, linoleum will be a nice choice if you are thinking of making the house look cleaner.



answers from Abilene on

My daughter has stained cement floors and hired someone to clean for her and they use Windex. Said it works great, does not leave film and smells great!



answers from Dallas on

I think you should ask the owner to be safe.But I use Mr.Clean for mine.


answers from Austin on

I'm not familiar with Mr Clean, but just mild soap and water should be sufficient.

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