How to Loose or Maintain Weight While Pregnant

Updated on November 29, 2006
K.W. asks from Decatur, GA
14 answers

I am 4 months pregnant and I am already starting to gain weight in my thighs and hips. I am only 5'1 and I am worried about gaining too much weight. Does anyone know what I can do to maintain my weight or to prevent me from gaining to much weight (ex. what type of foods should I eat or what type of excercises can I do?

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answers from Memphis on

Hi K.. Try going to It is a free website that can help you do exactly what you want. Good Luck.




answers from Nashville on

Usually, hips and thighs...Girl.
Second. Ask your doc. There are lots of exercise you can do just for pregnancy. Keep it safe for the baby. Also, exercise helps with labor. I have had three. I gained 20 lbs. with the first 60lbs. with the second and 7lbs with the third. I agree with the responses. Don't diet and you'll gain what the baby needs. If you gain more. Well, it's just part of it. I just Looked at pregnancy as my opportunity to eat what I I had always had an eating disorder. So, gaining weight was especially stressful for me. Good Luck and God Bless.



answers from Atlanta on

I certainly understand since I am 5' and even 5 pounds looks like a lot more on us. I gained 40 with my son but I believe 10 was just from eating poorly and using pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever. Certainly induldge a little but if you're a hard to lose weight person to begin with, watch what you eat. Hard during the holidays but cut out all the white flour, stick with whole grains and veggies/fruits for carbs and TONS of water. Walking was the best for me. Keep it up as long as you can. In the end, just remember your little miracle doesn't care what you look like in jeans.

Congratulations and best of luck!



answers from Clarksville on

Sorry K., gaining weight is part of pregnancy, first through third trimesters. Your baby needs those extra calories to grow and develop properly. Dieting is not the answer. However, eating healthy nutritious meals can limit the "extra" unecessary weight along with daily exercise (if you are already an exerciser) Like dieting, now is not the time to start a vigouous exercise program if it is not already a part of your routine. If you do not exercise already, walking, yoga or just daily stretches are good. Again nothing too vigorous. And if it hurts- don't do it.
Remember, this is about your baby, and you do what it takes. And good news- pregnancy comes to an end with wonderful results!!!
Good luck and hang in there.



answers from Atlanta on

The simplest answer you don't..You can continue to work out and walk but you don't diet.



answers from Memphis on

Watch your salts, and carbs. Stick to fruits, veggies, and TONS of water. The water being of most importance, as it will help your body flush out impurities, and allow it to "process" everything else correctly.

My other suggestion would be to just walk. Get 30 minutes to an hour a day as long as you can stand it.



answers from Macon on

Hi Keisha, I have had 2 babies and gained about 40 pounds with each and I still have about 10 pounds to lose at 12 months. I ate 6 meals everyday. Drank a lot of water and walked a lot. The exercise will keep your strength up for labor.

Lately though I have started the diet by Dr. Oz. He has been on Oprah several times. He gives you recipes and a meal plan to eat the right kinds of foods for you body that are also great for fetal development. The book is You on a diet. Go to Barnes and Noble and read a little of it. If you want to buy it, it is great. And you will maintain your weight because you are eating the foods you body likes and processes. For example, he suggests not to eat fried foods, hydrogenated oils, enriched foods, high fructose corn syrup and low saturated fats and sugars. Read your labels. The salad dressing has high fructose corn syrup in it and refrigerated breads are made with enriched flour. Congratulations on the baby and I hope this helps.



answers from Atlanta on

I feel your pain . . . . . I am 5'0" and with my first pregnancy I ate everything I could get my hands on and gained a total of 50 lbs! That was 3 1/2 yrs ago and I'm still trying to get it off! The best thing to do is eat 6 times a day. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and bedtime snack. When you eat this many times a day you tend to not eat as much at one sitting because you are not that hungry. That is what I did with my 2nd child and it really helped! I only gained @ 25 lbs that time. Also make sure you stay away from soda and drink lots and lots of water. You can also walk to get some exercise.



answers from Hattiesburg on

my doctor told me to keep doing light exercises and avoid too many carbs...make sure you eat lots of veggies and fruits and drink plenty of water



answers from Johnson City on

First, remember your body will gain what it needs to, in order to feed your baby. If you nurse after the birth you will lose almost all of it then.

Every body is different. Some months I gained more weight than average, some months not enough. But now it has all evened out, and I am 4 weeks away.

Eat 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day and drink lots of fluids. But really everything in moderation.

Hope this helps and I hope you will not worry to much and enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible. You will look beautiful.




answers from Knoxville on

I agree, your body will gain the weight it needs to have a healthy pregnancy. However if you follow the low carb diet and high protein. BY low carb i mean 3 carb things for breakfast 2 for a morning snack 3-4 for lunch 4 for supper and then a 2 carb meal for snack. By saying 2 3 4 Carbs i mean 1 carb per meal meaning 15carbs. so for breakfast you can have 45 Carbs you get what i mean.this is the diet that they gave me when i was gestational diabetic. I did not gain much weight. About 10 pounds. I was already overweight to begin with. I would also do some walking or swimming inside of course. Good luck.



answers from Augusta on

Get active in your pregnancy! Most doctors will tell you that it is ok to eat almost anything and everything when your pregnant, but that is SOOOOO wrong! My diet was VERY closely monitored by my caregivers when I was pregnant. I gained 30 pounds and lost almost all of it within a month keeping up the same diet I had during pregnancy. Go to and click on pregnancy diet. They have good guidelines to follow. Of course you can modify it to fit your beliefs or tastes, but it may help!



answers from Knoxville on

Hello, Keisha,

When I was pregnant I gained like 40lbs. I am 5 foot. I was huge when I finally deliver. All I can say is be active walk as much as you can. Eat a balanced diet ( I didn't do that at all) I think that is where my weight came from and drink lots of water and stay away from caffeine. Do not deprive yourself by any means now is not the time to diet. Just remember it took nine months to put it on and it will take as long taking it off but there is hope. I lost all my weight plus another 20lbs after my daughter was born. It took me almost a year to do it. If you breastfeed that will help with your weight. Hope this helps. Thanks, C.