How to Let Baby Boy Go Diaperless Without Creating a Huge Mess

Updated on April 29, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
5 answers

My baby has a yeast infection and is RAW and I want to start having him go diaperless for awhile until his infection clears up. Only problem is we live in a carpeted apartment and given the fact that he's a boy, i'm worried about the sprinkler aspect. any tips on how to do this without creating a huge mess?

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answers from Chattanooga on

when my daughter had a bad dipper rash i would put her in her play pin with a towel down under her feet to catch the pee... I know yours is a boy but it is just a thought... Now I also used A&D on her when she did have to wear a dipper because she was really raw and it really helped keeping the area dry... there are two type one is just the ointment and the other is the cream... I hope this helps



answers from Nashville on

My son is big into being naked. He started taking off his diaper and does it all the time. I found that it actually didn't take long before he stopped peeing everywhere and learned to hold it. Of course they have to be developmentally at that point. But maybe you will get lucky. I didn't have to clean up nearly as much pee as I thought I would, and it started us on the road to potty training.

I was also going to suggest putting some kind of fabric on him like undies or a onesie. He will still have accidents, but I find that a puddle is easier to clean up than the sprinkler effect. You will have to be the judge of whether or not his bottom can handle a onesie though. I got carters onesies in 24 months at walmart or target I think (it was whatever their offbrand carters is) and old navy offers onesies in bigger sizes too. Or go for some training pants (slightly too big is better). Good luck, hope he feels better soon!



answers from Denver on

You just have to deal because fresh air is the best!!!
I would suggest do some outdoors time if you have a yard. You can put shorts or big undies on to keep dirt out, but air can still get it. Just change when you see it... if you have to be indoors put them in a pack n play that way you only have a small area to clean up.

In our house we just let her go.... yes she got the carpet wet at times, but not much and we just cleaned it right away. We didn't let her go for hours and hours, but a good hour after bad worked well. If my newest little one gets diaper rash this summer we will have plenty of backyard time!!!

Also I agree that A&D works well- I rotate both kinds!
Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Well it looks like from your other posts you are talking about an older more mobile baby. My neighbor believes strongly in letting her little one go diaper-less for extended periods...and her son is now 20 months old. She has him wear shorts or undies (they are a bit big) without a diaper. The shorts absorb most of the mess and she just changed him immediately when she notices he is wet. He gets to "air out'' and the mess is tolerable. They also spend a lot of this time playing in the garage or out in the back yard when he is without a diaper. When the weather is bad, she will put those water proof pads on part of the couch he won't stay off of to protect her furniture. It works well for them.


answers from Savannah on

Keep a towel, baby wipes and carpet cleaner on hand. I have a house full of boys and as the textbook girly-girl I have learned to manage quick cleanups for pee.

It will be worth it to know that he is healing and not in any pain from a diaper rubbing his raw spots. Plus - as long as you get it in time, it won't stain. And also - he is tiny, he will not pee that much. We're talking a 3-4 ounces at max..... of mostly what - watered juice and formula or breastmilk? It'll be okay!

Hang in there! Poor guy :(

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