How to Keep Kids from Losing Hats and Gloves!

Updated on December 05, 2008
C.S. asks from McHenry, IL
7 answers

My stepdaughters lose their hats and gloves everyday, they never remember where they put them. They lose them at school during the day, or they forget where they've put them. We have bought at least 6 sets already this year and they keep getting lost, needless to say very frustrating. Any moms out there conquered this problem? I have threatened them repeatedly, and they just don't seem to be able to keep up with their stuff!

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My son is 9. We buy him a few matching pairs at the beginning of the season to mix and match as they become lost. After he goes through those pairs the replacements come out of his wallet. Last year he only had to buy one new pair to realize that it was to his benefit to stay organized.



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we've taught our girls to put their mittens inside their hat and then into the sleeve of their coat. It seems to work very well.



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We also use the mitten clips. As for the hats, we have taught our boys to put their hat in the sleeve of their coat as soon as they take it off. That way, its always there and you know where it is.

Good Luck.

Now if I could just keep MY gloves to last for one season, that would be great!!! :-) Perhaps I need the clips too!



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We have the same problem. Every two or three weeks I go with her to the lost and found at school. We usually find most of the miten/hats that she had "lost", and then we start all over again! Good luck!



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1. buy lots of cheap mittens all in the same color, so you can mix and match when one is lost. Use those for everyday (keep the nice expensive ones for your home sledding expeditions.)

2. get to know where the lost and found is everywhere your kids go (and put names inside of everything)

3. Deep pockets work better for us than clips, which tend to get caught and snap off.

And be patient - it's easy to lose a mitten when you're all bundled up and there are 30 kids jostling for the lockers. And kids are in and out of their outer clothing a lot during the day.



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Same problem here. Like someone else mentioned - I bought a ton of the really cheap gloves all in black. As they get lost and reappear they all go together so it is a little less frustrating.



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Oh yes, the SAME problem over and over with my stepdaughter!

First, we go over that her hat goes in her sleeve when she takes off her coat. We make her do that at home so she gets in the habit.

I bought those clips (they are only $1.00 at Target) and we clip her mittens to her coat. I also clipped her hat to her collar in the past, but she hated that so much that I stopped.

One day she unclipped her mittens and lost them so I told her that if she didn't find them she would have to buy a new pair with her own money. Also, her mittens STAY CLIPPED to her coat.

If she unclips them again I am going to sew them to her coat with an elastic strip (like the mitten clips but sewn instead of clipped). So far except for that one time she has not lost her mittens yet!

We also got her a coat with a hood and we don't send her to her mom's with a hat because it just gets lost.

Target also had hats and mittens for $1.00. I bought a bunch of those in case she comes over hatless and mittenless again!

Good luck! I know how frustrating it is!

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