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Updated on February 05, 2010
K.M. asks from San Mateo, CA
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I'm hoping to find some brilliant ideas, because I know there are some clever moms out there.
My daughter is about to turn 6. She's not overweight at all, however, my husband was chunky as a child and was often teased. To this day, he is very sensitive about our daughter and we have both noticed a belly forming on her. My question is NOT how to get her to lose weight, rather, how to help her get exercise in her daily routine. Here's my situation: She leaves for school in the a.m. and is in 1/2 day kindergarden. I pick her up at 12:20 - just in time to put her twin sisters down for a nap. They wake up at 3 and then it's usually a little bit of play time (maybe 1 hour) before we have to start dinner/bath time. She's still learning how to ride her bike with no training wheels, so biking isn't an option (yet). I've had her ride her scooter while I roller blade with her twin sisters in the jogging stroller, but I need some other ideas. Any other ideas on how to incorporate exercise into just mundain daily chores? Any ideas for indoor rainy days?
Thanks, moms!

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answers from Dallas on

You've had several recommendations for dancing, and I totally agree - I just thought I'd throw in after getting a Wii for Christmas (and we like it as much as the kids) we recently got the game "Just Dance". You don't need a special mat or anything, just the regular controller and it is a blast! My girls ask to play it just about every day, and I've been using it for my workout since I can't seem to make it to the gym. It is great for the cold yucky days, and it definitely gets the heart rate up! (and although she doesn't do "well" my 2 year old really enjoys dancing along and participating as well - all 4 of us can play at the same time).

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answers from St. Cloud on

All excellent ideas from the other moms! One thing you may also want to consider is her diet. Often kids get poochy tummys because they can't digest grains or have other food intolerences.
I am NOT suggesting that you put her on a diet. However, you could monitor her refined flour and sugar intake or even read up on gluten intolerence to see if certain foods could be contributing to the issue.

I hope this helps!

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answers from New York on

Have her help-out with the household chores- carrying the laundry basket, sweeping, anything to keep her moving and not haning out on the couch! You could also walk to and from school with her (depending on the distance) or consider shifting the nap time to allow for a walk after lunch!



answers from Dallas on

My boys and I actually do a "workout" together. They are in charge of stretching and warming up...they've learned all the basics in PE and/or the sports they are involved in. Then we will do a little circuit around the house (light hand weights, bands, kettlebells, etc). Simple excercises that they can do with light weights that make them feel "big." We also like to do kickboxing. If I don't have a class DVRd, we'll just turn the music up on the radio and do some simple kickboxing moves...they LOVE that! The kids have fun and don't dread "excercising"...I think that is the key...just keep it fun (for you and her!) and you'll be successful!



answers from Indianapolis on

Both we and some friends do something similar in the evenings when kids need to burn off steam, we put on dance music and have "Dance Parties". We usually pick a channel on our digital cable, but I think they use their iPods to do the same. It's a ton of fun, and you'd be amazed how great of a work-out you get.

When I taught gymnastics, we used to do "Smash and Crash" when the kids were too wild. We do it at home, too. Stack-up as many pillows as you can get and let them run, knock them down, stack them back up and do it all over again.

A lot of the parents of the kids I taught gymnastics too were also concerned about kids who may have become a little chubbier than desired or not naturally gifted athletically. You could always tell who those kids were, and I felt so sorry for them being forced to do something they weren't interested in. But, those are the kids a good instructor will work with the help them overcome what is not natural and boost their self-esteem when they do something well (even if basic).

By the way, both of my kids were chunky (our daughter still is), but the pediatrician is not yet concerned. We just want them to be healthy and to be well-rounded.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Dance! We got a hip-hop kid's video .... they are the best moves for crunching your tummy muscles. Is there a time or place that you and she could dance to a video together? Great bonding and great exercise for you both!



answers from Chicago on

How about a mini-trampoline or a jump-o-lene? Both of my kids love them, and it is a fun way to burn off a lot of energy indoors. The previous poster's recommendation for dancing is also great. You could even get her one of those dance mats and/or a dance cam that you hook up to the TV if you have a little money to burn ;-) If you have a Wii, you could also get her some Wii games. That would make for a fun activity for both of you.



answers from Rochester on

First:) Exercise is good, but it is VERY normal for girls to get a little chunky then have a growth spurt and thin out. My oldest has gone through this several times. Second, I agree with one of the other moms about Dancing:) Thats a fun activity she would probably enjoy! Do you have a Wii? If you do there are several games for that that incorporate exercise. She can do these during the twins nap time. I am sure they also have some appropriate DVD's you can buy for her to follow along with. But at her age unless she is sitting in front of a TV all day long, she is probably very active! What about jogging around the house a few times (outside of course) the trampoline is a good idea too:) Jumping jacks, jump rope, scooter or bike, walking -- just getting out to walk is great for you all. :) Good luck with things...but try to help your husband understand that it's part of a girl's growth to get a little chunky before a growth spurt and then she thins out again. I guess If it was me I would be more concerned about her if she was older, but you can also start portion control with her if you see it fit. We needed to do this with our daughter for a while as she would eat and eat and eat:)




answers from Boston on


kids love to dance! I also have the WII fit. My 10 year old love it!!


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