How to Hook up a Wireless Printer in My Home?

Updated on March 07, 2007
B.M. asks from Dallas, TX
5 answers

Any techie moms out there? ;) We have a Netgear router to convert our high speed cable to wireless in our house. That way I can use the internet on our laptop in the kitchen while I do other things. I would also like to hook up the printer to make it wireless so I don't have to go upstairs to the study every time to print something (the printer is too bulky to put downstairs). The info that came with the router is not helpful on this. anyone done this before? many thanks!

Edited to add:
Wow; thanks to all the personal offers to help!! y'all are too nice! Unfortunately, all I have is a laptop, not a networked laptop/desktop. So I don't have a base station that I can make a print server upstairs... I'm thinking I would have to buy some sort of paraphernalia to hook to the printer so it talks directly to the router?

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I want to do the same thing! I have my laptop in the kitchen and the desktop & printer upstairs in the study. If you get it to work, will you please shoot me an email?
[email protected]



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B. - I am assuming you have a desktop and a laptop, as that's what it sounds like (?) If true - then all you have to do is network the two computers & then share the printer. Microsoft Windows just walks you right through this - it couldn't be easier, though it's intimidating. Just go to your control panel and click networking and you'll be right along. I was able to accomplish this in about 30 minutes by myself without ever looking at my router manual. It's all in Windows. I promise, it's easy. Feel free to email me with questions & I will walk you through it - [email protected] (I'd put my number on here, but egad! Just asking for trouble!!)

Good luck - S.



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I may be able to help you. The simplest way to do it w/o getting other devices is to have at least one computer (if you have it) hard wired to your router and printer. That printer device can then be shared and printed to wirelessly. Let me know if I can help.




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You have to set up a print server - a computer that has the drivers installed for the printer that can communicate with the network in your home. The printer cannot directly communicate with the router. I would suggest you go to fry's and ask them to get you set up or Best Buy Geek Squad.




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Hi, You have to purchase a print server device. It hooks up to the router and can either attach directly to the printer or even make the printer wireless. It is fairly simple to do the first option, but the printer will have to be close to the router. I think you might need tech help to do the latter. I have my printer set up next to the router and love it.


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