How to Help Toddler Adjust to Move Away from Grandparents?

Updated on October 11, 2010
N.A. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I need help! We recently moved into a new home. My son is 2.5yrs old and we have been living with my parents since his birth. I tried to get everything set-up as much as possible at or new home before he came to see it. We brought him over during the day, he had a great time. But when it comes to the evening he wants to go back "Home" his old home with Grandpa and Grandma. Now, it's only been two days since I introduced him to our new home, but we haven't slept there yet. Last night we were there til midnight but he would not fall asleep and I was exhausted so we went back to may's just a few blocks away to sleep. I know that is not that the best strategy...but I had to get some sleep.
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on making this move more smoothly...things I could do to make him like it more? It's hard enough to move to a new place with a toddler, but i think they separation from parents is really bothering him (plus we had 2 dogs at my parents, one of which is mine, but I had to leave her there, because our new place does not allow dogs).
I am starting to feel like he just doesn't like me ): I know that's silly, but I kept thinking we should do okay, as long as his mom is there right???

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What would he think about Grammy & Grandpa having a sleepover at HIS house?
Funny that he seems he thinks you have bought him a really cool new toy, huh? haha
Just tell him the truth that you DID live at gram/pap's but now you two have your own home, which, luckily, is VERY close to Gram/Pap!


answers from Houston on

We moved several hours away from the grandparents, and the kids ask for them all the time (I also have a 2.5 yr old). We let them talk on the phone. Maybe, you can make him a little picture album that he can hold and look through when he misses them. Don't cater to him and go over there at nights. He may throw a fit for a week or so, but it will pass, especially if you remain consistent.

Some children take transition a little more difficult than others. Just keep him distracted with activities and cuddles. Congrats on the move!



answers from Boise on

Change is always hard, especially at that age. The best thing would be to talk to him, let him know that tonight you are sleeping at your NEW home, in your NEW room. Make it exciting. Maybe get him a stuffed dog to cuddle with (from grandma and grandpa?) since he won't have one there?



answers from Minneapolis on

If your parents are supportive of the move, have them come over with you and your son. If they are excited about his new bedroom, if they talk with him about sleeping in his bed at night, and if they cheerfully say good-bye and go back to their house, that will make things easier. I think.



answers from Chicago on

If you have a computer and your parents do as well, get cameras for both so your son can 'see' them online! I know it sounds crazy- but it is a way to make technology work for you!

Also, your mom and dad can schedule a regular phone call, etc. or record them reading a favorite bedtime story. Transitions are always hard, but it will be ok. Just give everyone a chance to adjust :) Your son loves you- but you are only person he has right now to take out his frustrations on! Good luck!

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