How to Get Time to Work from Home.

Updated on August 10, 2008
L.K. asks from Springfield, MO
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Every day I think about going back to work, but I am torn between family and my desire to do something else. Anyway, I have tried to do somethings from home, but guilt and a crabby husband pull me away. I am wanting to work on a project that could bring a little, but much needed, money in and be fun for me. How do you moms that work from home get away from the family to get stuff done? My husband is really great, but if I just serve dinner and then go off to work...well that doesn't work. Is it fair for him to work all day and then come home and take care of the kids? I am torn.

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answers from Kansas City on

I definitely understand where you are coming from. I myself have older children ... 14 and 10 year old girls .... but I quit my long time job when my youngest was about 8 months old because she was diagnosed with GERDS and had lots of trouble keeping her milk down. At that time my husband had a side business and he was gone a lot and helped with that extra money that I had brought in. Even though I didn't have a stay at home job to bring that money it was still difficult getting things done with the kids around. I usually worked while they were sleeping. I spent some time with my husband and then I stayed up late to do the things that needed to get done. I went back to work a year and a half ago as a bus driver, but had to stop because I was like you ... torn between seeing my girls off to school and their after school activities that I had to stop again. Now I am needing to find a job to work at home so that I can still enjoy them.

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answers from Tulsa on

I work from home with an amazing company called "The MOM Team," ( and just like the name implies, we're the MOM team for a reason, so it is perfectly OK for me to work and be on the phone with my kids in the same room as me. Yes, I work most of my hours when my husband is working. However, there are evenings when he is home that I am on the phone, but due to the nature of my business, I'm only on the phone for about 30 minutes out of each hour - so we end up tag-teaming. I talk for 30 minutes on the phone while he does their baths. Then I brush their hair and read the story and tuck them in. So it works really well for us.

I agree with the other responders. He is still the daddy. You should not feel guilty about partnering up in the raising of your children with him. And in the end - it will make him grow as a father and husband, too - because he'll learn what an awesome dad he is and how fun it truly is to have quality time with the kids. Plus, if you do decide to work from home, the income potential will certainly make him happy!

If I can be of any assistance, especially as you consider what opportunity might be best for you and YOUR family, please do not hesitate to contact me through my website. I love helping moms!


answers from Kansas City on

On the weekends I've been able to get a little bit of help from my husband at times, but emphasis needs placed on "little".

But largely, I've been on my own. That's why I've always kept my daycare going even when I had some desires to do something else on the side.

I don't have any great advice other than to find something you can do with the kids hanging around. People have ran family own businesses forever. Think about the ladies in other countries that squat in the fields to have their babies and then go back to work after. That may sound crude, but sometimes people have to sacrifice to make things happen. Sadly, I don't see a lot of men willing to make those sacrifices.




answers from Kansas City on

I do work from home (first for a company, and now for myself). I could NOT do it without my husband's help. Yes, he works all day and has to come home to care for the kids the evenings I'm working. But you know what? I'm caring for the kids all day then have to work after that too! It's the same thing for both of us, just flip-flopped order. Your husband is part of the parenting team, and although it's easy to want to come home and just chill he needs to be supportive of the efforts you are making for your family. You should not be feeling guilty if you have to work. You are doing what needs to be done for your family and that's it. Yes, it's fair for your husband to work all day and then come home and take care of the kids--he's their dad and that's also his job just like his regular job at work. Just have a heart to heart talk with him. Explain that you need his support for you to help financially benefit your family. This is no different then him needing your help to care for your children while he goes to work during the day.

Good luck with your business endeavor and I hope you can make it work for you and your family! As far as the logistics, I try to get most of my work done in the early morning because the kids are generally the most quiet and relaxed then, and I also work during naptime. If I have way too much to do and can't get it all done with the kids then I sometimes take them to the daycare. We use Kidz Kabana in Lee's Summit because they've got drop off hourly care, which is very convenient for a SAHM who needs occasional help for appointments and such.



answers from Kansas City on

L. -

I work from home and love it! It's perfect for me! I have to admit it's hard juggling the time (but my kids always come first, even before my job), but I make it happen no matter what! I have to give up activities for myself at night time, I work late at night after my husband and kids are asleep, and I wake up early before my family does to get my work done. Yeah, I'm tired a lot of the time, but it's a VERU, VERY small price to pay to be able to see my boys grow up every day. I love not missing their activites during OUR day and I love being the once to kiss them when they cry! A lot happens in thier little lives between 9am-5pm! If you need advice on how to make it work, feel free to email me offline. Here is also a great website: Technology is someting our mothers didn't have and it can be so useful to give women/mothers that balance. I work IT, so it's rather easy to work from home as my work is all done infront of a computer. Good luck! If I had it my way, I'd be a SAHM. This is the next best thing. I'm very thankful to be able to do it!!



answers from Kansas City on


There is no need to feel guilty, and parenting is a shared responsibility. I work outside the home, not because I "need" to, because I "want" too. I went to college for 7 years, and I have a career. Sure, I have cut back on my hours because family comes first. However, it is important that you also have your own identity. I can't imagine asking my husband for money, every time I need it! If you want to work from home, go for it! Organize your time, and you will figure it out. Maybe a few hours during nap time, and an hour after your husband comes home (that will give you 15 hours per week)! Many women do it, and you can too!

Check my post (I just posted a request), and let me know if you are interested.

A. L



answers from Kansas City on

L. I just want to is not fair for you to have to take care of your kids all day and then be expected to do it by yourself in the evening time either. Parenting is a shared responsibility. I stay home with our daughter and my husband works all day. But my husband understands that when he gets home I need a break from her. So he takes her so I get some me time and then we parent our child together in the evening. I don't work from home but have you thought about maybe getting a part time job. My sister-in-law works part time with 2 kids and she loves it. She still takes her kids to daycare but she gets that me time that she so desperatly wanted. Or maybe start a in home daycare that way you are at home but you are making money. Good luck with whatever but make sure your husband understands a sahm is a full time job as well!!! It just doesn't pay enough!!!



answers from Wichita on

I sell Home & Garden Party which is wonderful for any mom, when you want time with the kids and you can set your own schedule it is great.I have been very successful with my Home Party Plan, it is a wonderful company to work with and I do make a nice income every month. My husband actually got me started with H&GP, I have NO regrets, I quit my retail job because I was making more money in less time! If you are interested in more information please contact me at [email protected] or ###-###-####.

Also this link will take you to the company website:

Advantages: Small startup cost, NO Delivery, NO inventory, 30% to 40% commission plus bonuses!

Many mom's have found this to be a great opportunity to be home and still make a wonderful income.

Again, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.




answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi L., I would have to agree with everyone who has responded. I am a mother of 1 who will be three next month. My husband and I both work full time in corporate america but I also have a part time job, my own business with Arbonne International. My husband and I love their products and the business part of it is great!!!. We are planning on getting pregnant with baby #2 this year and by the time the baby comes and I go on baby leave, I don't plan on going back to work. I plan on doing Arbonne full time. The income potential is amazing and the products are not only good for you but for your kids and your husband as well!! There is a website Millions are doing this business and millions have started out part time building their business to the point that they have surpassed their full time job incomes and quit to do Arbonne full time!!! That is my plan!!! I went to school for five years and got my Bachelors in Social Work from OU. I did not plan on "throwing it all away" on Arbonne, but I have learned to use my social work skills with my Arbonne business. It has made me grow into a better person as well as my husband and my family. I would venture to say that if you had a job that you could do part time from the privacy of your own home, still being able to watch the kids and bring home some extra money, your husband probably won't mind watching the kids while your on the phone or on the computer for about 30 mins. Anyway, it is a great opportunity and great chance for you to have something that is yours and that you can be proud of..other than your kids of course!! I hope you consider it and check out their website. If you are interested my email is [email protected] luck and I hope to hear from you soon.



answers from Kansas City on

We all have struggled with this especially in the beginning.
You have to have BALANCE and a great time management system

church activities
outside activities

When you have your balance in order you will find life is so much easier! and Everyone is happy! Grab your color coded highlighters and get a weekly/monthly planner
I use Blue for God time, Orange for spouse(fire and passion), Yellow for the kids, Green for business and Pink for busy work or outside activities this includes church, talking on the phone anything nonproductive that is a time waster
keep in mind driving in your car, talking on the phone is categorized as a time waster!
We just did a 2 hour tele seminar on goal planning for 2008

you can do it!
You have nothing to feel guilty about! When you have your balance in order and you are bringing in money that supports the household you can breath easy and your family will look at you as their hero and respect that not resent it! My kids are so grateful that I have worked at home and they have never had to go to daycare. Plus I earned an all expense paid cruise that we just got back from. It was a team effort we all earned it. It was the very first time we have ever left the country or taken a cruise and the kids felt a sense of accomplishment that they got to help make that happen.
good luck to you



answers from Springfield on

I can absolutely help you work with a company that has Incredible credentials. My home phone is ###-###-#### and my email is [email protected]



answers from Tulsa on

Hi L.,

I'm a mom of 3 and I have a career. However, I plan to someday be my own boss. In the meantime, I'm an AVON Independant Sales Representative on the side and love it! I basically work my own schedule and I can take my kids with me. I decide how much I want to invest into it and how much $ I want to make. If you're looking for something that takes very little to get started ($10), you might want to give it a shot. The potential is huge. Anyway, if you'd like more information, feel free to email ([email protected] or visit my website (\llavern).

Wishing you well in finding what is best for You and your family!




answers from Kansas City on

I am a mom of 9. When the kids were younger, I'd mostly run my online businesess during nap time, coloring time, etc. I agree that the kids are a shared responsibility.

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