How to Get Silly Putty Out of Clothes?

Updated on July 30, 2008
C.B. asks from Ingleside, TX
8 answers

My 4 year old decided to sleep with his silly putty last nite, out of the case. I have no idea how to get this stuff out of his pajamas. I guess it being on his clothes is better than his hair!! heehee Can anyone please tell me how to get it off his clothes? Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to every1 for the ideas. I put the pj's in the freezer since it was a big ball if silly putty, that took off the majority, but those little bitty pieces weren't coming off, even with the ice. On a whim I tried my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Wouldn't you know it took all those little bitty pieces right off!!!! Took a little work but it get every bit of the silly putty off. Thanks again for all the help!

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answers from Amarillo on

If you take an ice cube to it and freeze it it will peel off. If it's a lot of putty then stick the whole thing in the freezer and try it that way. Then you need to put some detergant on it to get the oil out, or dawn or corn starch.
Let us know!

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answers from El Paso on

I've heard that ice works but I have never tried it. Hope you find something.



answers from Austin on

Try using WD-40 or Goof Off. Works on almost eveything.

Good luck, and please post if it works for you.



answers from San Antonio on

I agree, ice is the best way to get the silly putty off the clothes. I also believe it can sometimes leave an oily type residue. If you use one of the common stain removers that is designed for oily substances, that "should" take care of any remaining stains.




answers from San Antonio on

Dear C.,

Try ice, it might help. You can also go to Home Depot and get help from one of their associates, they have all kimds of solvents. I H. this helps.




answers from San Antonio on

Try putting the pajamas in your freezer for a couple of hours or overnight...then chip off the frozen silly putty.



answers from Wichita Falls on

When my kids got silly putty on my carpet I used ice. It kinda stained it when it finally did come up, but leave the ice on it for about 3 min and they try to peel it off. I hope this helps.



answers from Austin on

Try Goo Gone. Good Luck!

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