How to Get Rid of Mucus in Toddler

Updated on June 05, 2009
E.P. asks from Glendale, CA
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This is the second time my daughter has had a long time with congestion or mucus in her throat. It seems to linger on for a month and a half or so. I have cut out dairy completely but it is still pretty bad. Her nose had cleared up but she still has some in her throat and has a hard time breathing at night. Is this common in toddlers and what have you done to help clear it up? We do a lot of juicing and organic food, but it is still taking her a long time to heal up on her own. Please help.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your responses. I gave her beet juice daily and she cleared up pretty quick. Also, I will get her tested for allergies...please email me if you know of a place i can get her tested in the Glendale area. Thanks.

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Hi E.,
I just took my 8 month old to the doctor 2 days ago for a similar issue. They had me buy a nebulizer. Hopefully you won't need to, but if it happens every time she's sick, it could require one. It just sprays albuterol into their mouth for about 10 minutes and it breaks everything up. It seems to be helping us.
If it's something simple you could just try salt water in the nose and the "nose sucker". I saw somebody else had that suggestion and that's what always worked with my older son. Good luck. She'll learn to handle it on her own over time.



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My doctor recommended spraying a saline nose spray in the nose and as we refer to it, the "nose sucker". Also a personal steamer along with that has also been helpful.



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Have you tried running a cool mist humidifier in her room? Whenever my kids are congested that is the only thing that seems to help.



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It may be allergies... I experienced the same thing with my 21 month old! My Dr. told me Children's allergy Zyrtec.. I give it to him at night when he's really congested and it works great!!



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A tsp of honey. The darker the honey, the better. Just monitor her to make sure she doesn't have an allergy.



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Orange juice also creates mucous... it is not recommended if a person is sick or is congested.

What has your Pediatrician said about it?

Could she possible have a sinus infection or sinus problem? THIS also creates mucous, in the throat, because it drips down... or is the mucous coming from her chest???

The thing is, you have to know where the origin of the mucous is coming from... this will indicate the source of it, and the source of the problem.

When my kids have a cold/mucous.... I either let their body fight it off... but if is goes on and on and on, I take them back to the Doctor for re-evaluation. THEN, either give them lots of liquids, in conjunction with kids Claritin (which will dry up the mucous) and saline nose spray, and use the Neti Pot to rinse the nose. My Husband and daughter are prone to sinus problems... and this helps them greatly.
And I give my kids liquid vitamins by "Animal Parade."

Keep in mind, that although you do juicing and organic foods... something in it may affect her or she may be allergic, hence the continual mucous problems. For some people, even wheat/barley green drinks are allergenic for example.. because of the chlorophyl in it. My Mom is like that. AND keep in mind that although you are doing juicing/organic foods & it is healthy... it is NOT helping. Thus, it is not effective for whatever ails your child.

Next, my Doctor says that if something like this is just lingering for this long of a time... then perhaps it is allergies or a secondary infection.... OR, in the case of my daughter, she had a Sinus Infection, after all.

BUT THE bottom-line is... you have to find out WHY she is STILL having lots of mucous... and why? Otherwise, you will just be addressing the mucous, but not the reason.

Ask your Pediatrician... otherwise, it will just be speculation and guess work. And, what works for one child may not work for another, because they have different reason for their mucous/illness etc. AND their symptoms are not all alike.
For some kids, it is even asthma.

All the best,

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