How to Get Rid of Gas

Updated on March 16, 2008
A.H. asks from Sterling, VA
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I am very fortunate to have a very happy 3 month old. She doesn't cry very often, but when she does, I find that the problem is gas. She has a diary protein allergy, so she is on specific formula (Emfamil Lipil Nutramigen). I use Mylicon before each meal which seems to help some. She sleeps between 4.5-5 hours a night. I think she would sleep longer but she wakes up from gas. Looking for some suggestions on how to rid the gas.

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My son was a very gassy baby. The pediatrician told me to burp him at the middle of his bottle and again at the end. This would help and if he still had some uncomfortable gas I would bend him over a boppy cushion and usually he expelled the rest of the gas. Hope this helps.

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We went through the same exact thing!!! GRIPE WATER works wonderfully. Some drug stores and Babies R Us has it. A health food store or WalMart may have it now too! Good Luck! By the way....this was a recommendation from the pediatrician.



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I was going to say, Mylicon, but you're already hip to that one. They got me through many a restless nights with my daughter. Also try sitting her up on your shoulder for 10-15 after each feeding. Position her in a way that his belly is on your shoulder. Then rub her back and pat her. This will help expel the gas. And never lay him right down after a feeding. My daughter had GERD,(baby heartburn), when she was an infant. Also try holdoing her legs up, while your are massaging her belly. My pediatrician suggested these techniques and it was very effective. Good Luck. And he will outgrow the gas once he starts solids. If it become severe, call your doctor.



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Health food store, ask about getting a probiotics w/o milk in them, and see if that will greatly improve her health!

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