How to Get Companies to Donate for Gorl Scouts Raffle?

Updated on March 25, 2011
J.B. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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mommas hi there, we are holding a mother-daughter girl scout bake sale for our daisies. We would like to have a raffle so we are asking the local community to donate items for our raffle. How do you go about getting companies to donate items and etc. We are drawing up a letter for request of donations and I am going to go company to company in person. Also, I was wondering if local bakeries would donate items as well as we will also be baking but I would like to raffle off some specialty items. How do I go about it and do you know of any companies willing to donate. Thanks!

PS This is my first daughter and first time being into girls scouts so looking for all input possible. Anything will help. We are going to host the bake sale outside our local Sam's Club.

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answers from Chicago on

I work at a restaurant. We have probably about 20 requests a week for donations. So you're not the only one. We try to give a gift card to everybody. But some people want more than gift cards, i.e. food, paper goods, etc. It's really difficult to give to everybody, since we're struggling in this economy big time.

All you can do is go door to door and ask nicely. You will get turned down a lot. I used to do this when my older daughter was in high school softball, and it wasn't my favorite thing to do. Don't take it personally. Also, make sure you ask all the parents if they have any connections or if any of them own their own businesses. Maybe they can help out.

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answers from Topeka on

I hope you have some time before this bake sale...because donations don't happen quickly anymore in a lot of companies. The chain that I work for ( Kroger) requires a written letter on company letter head ( go to the Girl Scout Council office in your area) and then it is presented before a committee. It could be a month or 6 weeks before you would hear back in cases like that.
Other than that I would simply go into the stores and ask to speak to the would be really helpful to have a typewritten letter to present to them...and explain to them the reason that you are seeking donations. It would also be good to have some sort of form ready to fill in to give them in order for them to be able to have a record of any donation...for tax purposes. It might not hurt to take a couple of cute little brownies along in their
It sounds to me like you have a good start on what you want to it is just lots of legwork as you go from store to store.
Good luck to you

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answers from Kansas City on

Also with GS you have to be careful about the amount of donations you receive. You need to check with your local GS Service Unit on that. I know that in ours any doanations that total more than $250.00 has to be approved by the council.



answers from Chicago on

Lots of companies are willing to donate. You will have better luck with family owned business's than you will corporate places. Places like borders, walmart, etc..... will tell you that there is a form you have to fill out and send in and that it takes months to get approved. Do it anyway and then you can use the raffle item for your next one. I have had great luck writing to our local (brookfield zoo) zoo's, museums, skating rinks etc with our request. Most of the time they will send you some family passes. local restaurants are good about it also. some grocery stores will donate. especially if they are smaller community type stores and not the huge chains. Good luck



answers from Appleton on

Before you do a raffle check for State Laws concerning raffles. Here in Wisconsin you have to apply for a license to hold a raffle and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. A silent auction is easier.

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