How to Get Blue Food Dye Out of Carpet

Updated on February 22, 2016
S.L. asks from Arvada, CO
7 answers

My dog got ahold of a pixie stix and ended up getting it into the carpet (he tried to eat it so it was wet). Any ideas on how to get this out? We have very light carpet and the pixie stix was blue.

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answers from Springfield on

i have a small spot carpet cleaner machine. it's only good for sucking up watery fluids. i would soak the spot with water and suck it up, and repeat till it was all up. you can also try peroxide. (test in and area of carpet you can't see) i have gotten berry stains out with peroxide. like others have said, soak and blot till the stain is gone.

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answers from Dallas on

Our dogs can create quite a mess!

You do need to dilute it. Take your time and don't rush while cleaning. Blot blot rubbing.

I use Zep aerosol non foaming from Home Depot. After a lot of blotting, I use Zep then I use a double layer of paper towel on the stain and a hot iron on it to steam the stain out.

I have light beige carpet and I've successfully removed stains of red wine, dog vomit and more.

Be careful, it is possible that the area will lighten. I prefer a slightly lighter spot on my carpet rather than a stain that sticks out for all to see.

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answers from Portland on

I would try diluting it with small amount of water, and then blot, dilute with water, blot. Not rub - just take paper towel and dab dab .. see how much you can get out. Start small - make sure it doesn't spread.

I have light carpet upstairs and I do use a carpet stain remover if nothing else works. It does run the risk of bleaching the area, so I only do small amounts (a few squirts) and check. It's the kind of cleaner than kind of foams a bit, and instead of rubbing, I just dab and dilute, dab and dilute .. with paper towel. It's called Resolve Triple Action (red spray bottle).

If you use that, I would try a very small test area first. It did lighten the carpet at my old house a bit, but on my light carpets (beige) it was ok. I could live with it. Better than the stain.

Good luck :)

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answers from Louisville on

Do you have Windex or Glass Plus? Spray the spot down, give it a minute to work, and blot it up. Since it is probably dry now, not sure how much it might get out -- we got out red koolaid from my mom's newly reupholstered couch (cream background) and celery green room-size rug years ago when son tossed it up when sick.



answers from Oklahoma City on

What have you tried?



answers from Chicago on

If you have tried everything you can one more solution...some sort of cute teensie throw carpet over it. Like you planned it.



answers from Rochester on

I don't know the specifics, but I saw something on Facebook about using baking powder and something else (can't remember what) to remove red fingernail polish from carpet. Maybe Google it and see if that would work.

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