How to Get Back into a Good Job After Being Home 5 Years?/ Switching Careers

Updated on July 14, 2011
K.M. asks from Los Gatos, CA
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I would like to hear how others have gone back to work after being at home for a few years? I have 2 degrees in a computer science related field. However, after getting pregnant with my daughter I stopped working. I want to go back to work full time and obviously get a decent job but I feel a bit at loss.
I have been looking at the reqs for some jobs and they require some recent experience (specially in the CS fields, they want you to be up to date on tech, experience, etc) Do I need to go back to school (I have been considering getting an MBA)

I am also considering changing careers instead, I love to work with people (I used to work with computers). What other options can I pursue?

thanks for any advice you can send me

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I did my MBA and a week after finishing it, I was offered my job, which I love. It was totally due to having the MBA. I was working part-time as a receptionist while I finished my degree and stepped straight into the CEO position I'm in now. I did have previous experience, but the MBA enabled me to get back onto my career path.

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If you have the resources to do so, you may want to invest in meeting with a career coach who can help you figure out what career path would be best for you. There are probably some who specialize in assisting those with tech backgrounds.

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answers from Little Rock on

You might try The medial field at your local hospotals or clinics. They seem to be recession proof. And having a back ground in computers will help you very much. Have you thought of starting your own :Repair Business"?
If you are reasonably priced -You could receive alot of word of mouth customers. This is just an idea that you might consider. My son does repairs on the side and it seems to work for him.

R. H.

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you may want to freshen up on some courses but if you like working with people, maybe check out positions at your police department. they are always looking for grant specialists with good writing skills or computer analysts for white collar crime divisions. worth a shot.

im facing the same conundrum. stopped working (politics and venture capital) to stay home with my girls. i have the option to stay home indefinitely but i actually crave a career and after being out of the work force for so long, im not sure what or how id do. so im taking courses (1-2 each semester) to stay connected and network with professors as well as keep in touch with recruiters.

i also do research on the side and write short papers.
this will give me writing samples to provide any potential employers in the future.

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My advice would be to apply (send resume) to any and all places that you are interested in working. Sometimes people think they want experience but once they figure out that it's easier to train someone with no habits they often start to think differently.

Send it out to the world and you might just be surprised at what comes back.

I am sure you will be a fantastic addition to anyones business.

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I asked a similar question a couple months ago. I was out of work for 11 years and was stunned when I applied for a job that I was more than qualified for and didn't even get a call back. Apparently employment gaps are a big deal. In my effort to apply for that job I reconnected with my former boss and she told me of position with someone I had worked for in the past. I interviewed for that position and I did not get the executive position, I think because I wanted part time employment, but she hire me as a database administrator, part time. So I would suggest that you reconnect with people you were involved with at your previous jobs. I think you can click on my name and see what questions I asked. I got some excellent responses to my question. BTW, I was thinking about changing careers and decided to revisit my old career and be pickier about what I did. I'm in fundraising and I dislike handling events so I told them right off - no events. So far so good. Good-luck.



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I wanted to suggest that you look into doing temp work. There are lots of opportunities in the computer science field, and even if you take a job that's below your abilities, you'll get your foot in the door. If you're good, and professional, you might get offered a job - but if not, you'll get an inside peek at various companies to see if they're someplace you want to work. At the very least, you'll start to get some recent experience you can point to.

Another option to try would be an internship. This would also give you recent experience and a foot in the door though, of course, not much in the way of money.

Good luck!

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