How to Get a White Northface Winter Coat White Again?

Updated on December 28, 2016
P.B. asks from Hampton, CT
9 answers

Without ruining the coat

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answers from Kansas City on

What have you tried? I would try washing it. You can add a little bleach or Oxy Clean to the wash and that helps a lot. I've moved away from bleach mostly, but I do use it in a pinch or if something is really dirty. You don't need a lot and if you use a little bit it won't fade the other colors on the jacket, if there are any. If it's a fleece I would try soaking it in the sink with water and Oxo Clean first, then washing it with more Oxy Clean.

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answers from Boston on

Can you edit your question to include a lot more info? Is there a stain or just an overall loss of whiteness? What is the fabric? Is it down-filled? What have you already tried? I'm sure dozens of people would be willing to help but you've got to give us something to go on!

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answers from Los Angeles on

What type of coat is it? Is it a down jacket? If so, DO NOT take it to the dry cleaners!!! The harsh chemicals will ruin it!

No matter the type of coat, follow the instructions on the tag.

Also, if it's a down, there are special detergents made for down jackets. I read that Grangers is a reliable brand. I plan to get one soon to wash my down jacket. Use a front-loading washer on a gentle cycle and use 2-3 tennis balls to dry.

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answers from Portland on

We have North Face jackets - I followed the tag for directions. Ours I wash on gentle cycle - big thing is to close up the zippers.
Our tag (just checked) actually says no to dry cleaning. Just check your tag - or call their hotline.

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answers from Denver on

I actually bought a nice North Face white ski jacket at a garage sale....paid a whole $4 and it was in good shape. It had a few stains, but I got them out. I used Borax. I made a paste of it and put it on all the areas that needed extra cleaning. I let it sit on there for a little bit, then scraped the stain off with my finger nail. I also used some CLEAR dye free liquid laundry soap to pre treat any other soiled areas and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then I hand washed it in very hot water scraping again with my nails on any soiled areas.
It came out very nice. Don't run it through the dryer until you've gotten the stains out. The dryer will make them permanent.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We wash our white things in warm water and add a little bleach. If you have a top loading machine you start the water, add the detergent, add the bleach. Let it agitate a bit. Then add the coat. Make sure it is covered well.

The bleach shouldn't hurt anything. I use it all the time on our clothes.


answers from Dallas on

I send mine to my dry cleaners


answers from Washington DC on

take it to a professional.


answers from Santa Fe on

I would take it to a dry cleaner and ask them if they can get it white again. Good luck!

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