How to Get 8 Month Old to Take More Milk?

Updated on May 05, 2008
J.C. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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We just came from a dr visit and my son is dropping from his weight and height percentile. Dr told us that this might be attributed to not sufficient milk intake. We have been feeding him solids for 3 times a day. I am nursing so cannot really measure how much milk he takes. When I'm not home, I leave some pumped milk but my son doesn't really want to drink the pumped milk so the caregiver compensates by giving more solids. This my dr says is wrong because babies need more milk than solids. I have also tried giving formula to see if he will take that better than the refrigerated milk but my son wont take that either. What do I do?

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just keep offering the pumped milk. maybe try a different formula. i know constantly offering is a pain because you are litterally feeding all day but it just might help to get him up in weight. do you have your baby on a vitamin? maybe try the enfamil brand poly vi sol. i give my daughter that in her first cup in the morning. hmm that makes me think have you tried a cup? or different nipples? good luck!



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My son was finicky about bottles too, but my Mother-in-law just forced the issue (literally not letting the nipple leave his mouth) until he took it and then he started taking it fine. Another thing we noticed is that even though it was a little more expensive and took a little longer to defrost under water, if we froze the breastmilk in the freezer bags it stayed fresher and he seemed to take it more easily. The refrigerated breastmilk always seemed to go sour within a couple of days. I also agree with trying different types of bottles/nipples until you find the kind your baby will like.



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Before you leave make sure he eats, and right when you get back to him put him to the breast. Also, try pumping lots so your supply stays up. Then, when you get home, try to offer him the breast every hour. That should help some.
Good luck



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I've heard to help stimulate the senses and get babies to take breastmilk from someone other than the mother use an object with your (the mother's) scent on it. They say putting on a mother's shirt works, but this is obviously not practical. Maybe you can get a small blanket and put it over the baby when you breastfeed, maybe also put a little bit of breastmilk on the blanket for the baby to smell. Anyways, don't wash it and have the caretaker kind of wrap the baby in the blanket, or put it on the caretaker's chest while they try to feed. Maybe even taking one of your pillows, since your scent is already on it.

You can always try switching around bottles and nipples. I had my son using the flat Gerber nipples that were brown, I thought they just looked more natural & he like them when my husband had to feed him.

Whatever you do, don't give him cow's milk till he's a year (if that's what you meant by refrigerated milk, but I think you meant refrigerated breastmilk, right?). Good Luck and I hope you find something that works :)



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Your Pediatrician is correct. For the first year of life, a baby's primary source of nutrition if from breastmilk/formula. Don't replace solids for this. Also, giving solids first, before nursing, is primarily done to "wean" from breast.

Perhaps, try different bottle/nipples to see if he will take that, when you are at work. I love the "MAM" brand bottles. You can find it at Here is the link:

His weight probably dropped because he is not drinking any breastmilk/formula when you are at work. IF he is losing could also mean that PERHAPS you don't have enough milk and he does not have enough intake. Intake & calorie intake directly corresponds to a baby's weight gain. I would check on this.

ALso, make sure that when he is nursing, that you nurse him long wnough so that he reaches the "hind milk." About 15 minutes of longer at each breast.

Nurse him on demand when you are home, this will also stimulate your milk production, and/or maintain it.

Nursing from breast and drinking from a bottle, requires 2 different "sucking" techniques. A bottle is just gravity...but nursing from breast requires muscle and tongue/mouth coordination. Some babies get nipple confusion. Some just may not know how to drink from both. Make EXTRA sure, that your baby is nursing correctly, is latched on and actively nursing...some babies may "look" like they are suckling, but are not in fact nursing correctly. If need be, consult a Lactation specialist to evaluate this.

Ask your Pediatrician, if you can give your baby Pediasure. This is a supplemental drink. It's usually for Toddlers, but perhaps there is a "baby" version.

How many hours does he go WITHOUT drinking any breastmilk/formula? Remember, a baby can't go all day without nursing/drinking. BUT don't fill him up with water either.

Since he is not drinking sufficiently, make sure that he is not getting dehydrated. If he is dehydrated, you need to see your Pediatrician. For Dehydration symptoms in babies click this link:

Make sure the pumped breastmilk/formula you give him is warm. Maybe he doesn't like it cold?

Your baby losing weight/growth is a real concern. What did your Pediatrician recommend? You need to ask her/him. And, what is the solution?

I really wish you the best. take care I hope this helped,



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Try to give your son cereal with formula in it. My girlfriends daughter went through the same thing and the dr told her to try to give the baby cereal atleast twice a day made with formula which helped increase the milk intake and to offer milk either breast or forumla every 2 hours. Basically she was either feeding her cereal with formula and formula/breast milk every 2 hours. Hope this helps.

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