How to find out if I have sugar allergy?

Updated on April 21, 2010
C.L. asks from Provo, UT
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I've always had a bit of a sweet-tooth and have enjoyed eating chocolates or other sweets until recently. After eating some M&M's, I started getting itchy red spots on my face and hands. They itched something awful for a day or so and didn't fade away for nearly a week.
The same thing happened after I ate a piece of frosted cake. At first I didn't think too much of it, but now I seem to be reacting faster and faster to anything with processed sugars in it. How do I know its sugar? I ate two spoonfuls of straight brown sugar one morning as a test and within half an hour I had itchy red spots on my face. I assume that these spots are hives. I also tend to get really itchy skin on my back, legs, neck, and chest.

Is it possible to develop a sensitivity to sugar?

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It is entirely possible to develop a sensitivity or an allergy to sugar. To truly find out if you have an allergy to sugar you have to completely eliminate it from your diet for about a month, and see a doctor.

So What Happened?

I had a doctor's appointment today and he determined that I am allergic to sugar. Right now, it looks like its only processed cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Since the reactions have been getting steadily worse, I am on a strict "NO SUGAR" diet and have to read labels on everything and that means a lot of my usual foods are off limits.

To make matters worse, my husband is allergic to Splenda. So we are going to have to hunt around to see if we can find something we both can eat and both like.

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It could be that you have a candida infection. Sugar feeds candida (yeast) and it could build up and become more of a problem all of a sudden like this. I actually think candida is blamed too often as a cause for ALL health problems, which I don't think is the case. But I do believe that it can affect you. You can get rid of it but sometimes it is stubborn. There are supplements that will help, plus you want to avoid bread for a while and sugar even longer.

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My son was reacting to sugar (among a thousand other things). We went the alternative route and did an allergy clearing on him with our chiropractor/acupuncturist. It worked for us. Would be happy to give you phone numbers if you are interested, or answer more questions if you have them.



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Eliminate sugar and see. I've tried to do this several times and I'm SUCH a sweet tooth I could never do it! UNTIL I discovered Xagave. I've replaced sugar in my home 100% with Xagave and I can't tell you the difference it's made for all of us. I'm so excited about it. It tastes great and has nutritional benefits. I bake with it and use it as table sugar. Anything I used to use sugar for. Even maple syrup. We feel SO much better.



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To truely find out if you have an allergy to sugar you have to completely eliminate it from your diet for about a month. That is hard to do, I know. However, after a month then you try something with sugar in it and if the reaction comes back then you will know that you do have an allergy to processed sugar. But there are other sugars that you can use in place of processed sugars. Processed sugar is a poison anyway. You can use raw sugar, raw honey, which is good for you. Or other sweeteners out there.



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I do know of a lady whose daughter dose have a sugar allergy. I am not sure of the symptoms but I am doing a search for it myself. Check with your doctor to see what kind of tests he can perform to give you the answer that you need.
Hope you get relief!



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Hi C.,

It is entirely possible to develop a sensitivity or an allergy to sugar (or literally anything else that you are exposed to but especially those which you are in frequent contact with).

According to many, the only thing you can do about it now is to just completely avoid sugar. If this is your plan, you'll want to determine exactly what kind of sugar affects you. Is it cane sugar, beet sugar, corn syrup, fructose, etc. or all of them?

If complete avoidance for the rest of your life doesn't appeal to you and you are open to alternative therapies, I highly recommend finding a BioSET or NAET practitioner. We've worked with a BioSET practitioner here in Colorado and eliminated (yes, eliminated) many allergies in our family (wheat, dairy, hayfever, etc.).

Best wishes to you in figuring this out!



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Sometimes it's the type of sugar. There is cane and beet mostly. My brother is allergic to beet. Try sugar you know is cane check the label C&H is a good one.



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I'd heard about this kind of thing for years but didn't believe it myself until our daughter started developing really bad exczema after eating sugary cereal! We switched cereals and we've eliminated the ones that give her the break outs. It is possible that your kids can grow out of it, but you probably won't at this point. (by the way, I love to eat lumps of brown sugar. special treat! YUM!!)

I'm sorry you all have to go through this allergy. You may also be sensitive to other foods as well such as wheat or gluten. I'd go for allergy testing, or do it just trial and error at home.

Good luck!



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My son has some pretty severe allergies. The trouble with them, is that your body can have a much stronger reaction with each subsequent exposure. An allergist can determine the extent of your reaction and what types(s) of sugars you might be allergic to. I'd advise getting in to see a medical professional right away. We get exposed to so many sugars in processed foods and we need to stay healthy for our little ones!

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