How to find low cost veterinarian care in Naugatuck, CT?

Updated on November 20, 2008
D.S. asks from Naugatuck, CT
6 answers

Does anyone know of any low cost vet care in CT? My poor dog has a nasty ear infection that keeps coming back and every time I got to his regulat vet it is costin me 300 to 400 a visit! Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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There are many vets services in the area, check with the article for more recommendations.

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answers from New York on

First, does your dog lick or chew at their feet alot. It sounds like allergies. Dogs with allergies tend to get a lot of ear infections. My pug gets several a year. She has sever allergies, food and seasonal. Dogs with allergies then to get a lot of yeast infections in their ears. Which can make them difficult to get rid of. I take my do to Bristol Vet Assoc. She was just there today and had her teeth cleaned. It cost me almost $400, but she was under anesthia. Honestly, I don't think that your going to find much cheaper then what your paying. Vet's aren't cheap.



answers from New York on

Petfirst Healthcare. I signed up and it covers quite a bit. I was tired of the huge costs and my older dog is starting to get sick. The phone number on the site answers a lot of questions.



answers from Chicago on

I love Countryside Veterinary Hospital in Shelton (Near Monroe on Rt. 110). They are all nice, but try to see Dr. Jeff Santee. Tell him Dave Ackert sent you! Good luck.



answers from New York on

I take my dogs and cats (and always have) to Mattatuck Animal Hospital in Waterbury ( exit 17 off 84 W - take a right off exit (don't go straight like you're going to Quassy) and its directly on the right a little ways after you take the right.

My cat recently just got into a fight with another cat - had a gaping hole in his neck - took him to the vet 2 wks ago - he had stitches and antibiotics and had to stay overnite for observation - only cost me $150.00. Still high, yes, but better than $300-$400!!! The cat goes back this Saturday to have his stitches removed at no additional charge - he also got a rabies boost vaccination included in the cost.

Good luck!



answers from Hartford on

Not sure where you are in CT. But Fox Memorial Clinic, is in newington next to the humane society. They have a low cost vet clinic. The people are very nice, take quality care of the animals, have top notch facility. Good luck!! You might want to ask about allergies if it is a constant issue. Sometimes a simple change in diet, can help prevent them!



answers from New York on

Hi, i work as a certified vet tech, and like someone said, vets aren't cheap. You will def. see some cheaper than others, but you also want good quality care. It could be allergies, but most importantly is doing exactly what the vet says. We get people in all the time with the same problem, and most of them aren't cleaning them everyday and medicating 2-3 times a day for a solid few weeks, without missing a day!! Ear infections can be tough and sometimes become resistant to certain ear medications, just like we do with antibiotics. Sometimes the ears need to be cultured if its that bad.....but, most importantly, is always treating when you are supposed to and cleaning them out really well at least once a day! Floppy eared dogs seem to get infections more and are harder to treat because of no air circulation. Be careful of bathing as well, because if they get wet, they could get infected again. Once the infection is clear, it is a good idea to clean them out once a week or every other week as maintenance to prevent future ones. Well, good luck, hope i helped!!

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