How to File Taxes for a Year I Didn't Work?

Updated on January 18, 2009
J.C. asks from Hebron, CT
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I have never taken a year off of work so i have no idea how to file my taxes this year or if i even have to?? What exactly are the CT state laws? I tried the state website, but it seems foreign. Any advice?? If i don't have to should i so i can claim my son? I'm lost here...

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So What Happened?

So from what Ive gather on mamasource and the turbotax website, if i didn't make an income in 08, i can't receive the child tax credit anyway. I am NOT involved with his father (actually the bum doesn't even pay child support so he WILL NOT be claiming him....). I am currently living with my parents and boyfriend, can one of them claim him??

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You can fill out a 1040EZ, which is only one page. I would file the taxes so that you have records of your income or non income. Also, you may get money back from over payment of car taxes, etc.



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I would ask a professional tax preparer. There is a lot of different questions that need to be asked here to determine if you should file.



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I just never filed taxes when I didn't work. Your social security report just skips right over that year. I hadn't thought to file the 1040ez form, as suggested previously. That seems like a good idea.



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Can anyone else claim you or your son? Do you have a boyfriend/spouse? You probably could file jointly if you are living with the baby's father and then just have him be head of household. Your son is a deduction in which you would qualify for the child tax credit most likely. Especially you since you have no income. Someone else could probably help you better with this I'm sure. I use an online prep thing to help me do my taxes so they just walk me through everything step by step.




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file get your money for your son your entitled get what is yours



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Hi J. -
I've had a lot of experience with this and both of my sisters are accountants. If you have not worked and earned an income in which they have taken taxes from, than you cannot get a "refund" of taxes because you never paid them. This being said, someone should benefit from the child tax credit. Are you involved with the baby's father? Are you married? Are you living with your parents? If anyone else is helping to support you or your child and they paid income taxes than they are eligible for the child tax credit. As long as only one person claims your child on their taxes, the IRS will refund them at least $1000 federal child tax credit (they may be able to get additional State Tax credits depending on how much they made). Hopefully this helps.
Good Luck! T.

P.S. You may want to consider working part-time, even if you just work a couple of weeks before Christmas time, you will receive $1000 child tax credit and as long as you stay in the lowest income bracket you will probably get all of your taxes back. Just a thought for the future.

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