How to Develop a Child's Physical and Mental Ability in a Very Effective Way?

Updated on February 28, 2017
K.F. asks from New York, NY
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My daughter cant balance herself standing or even sitting.she's 14 mos on March 1.

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answers from Detroit on

Hello Zoey,

Google developmental milestones. and I agree she needs to see a doctor. my DS sat up without support at 6 months, started crawling at 8 or 9 months, started to cruise shortly after that and, while he didn't walk until 15 months, this was because he really saw no point because he could get there so much faster if he crawled. It is true that all babies hit milestones at their own pace, the fact that she can't sit up independently should be of great concern to you. good luck!!! S.

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answers from Springfield on

Based on this question and your previous one about Autism and Cerebral Palsy, I'd say you need to talk to your pediatrician and ask your questions.

It's possible your daughter is simply going to learn these skills and hit her other mile stones a little later than others her age. (By the way, crawling is not a milestone. Some kids never crawl, and that is absolutely not something to be concerned about.) It's also possible that your daughter will need a little help achieving those milestones. But the only way to know is to tell your pediatrician about your concerns.

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answers from Portland on

Our paediatrician recommended we see a physiotherapist for one of our babies. It really made a difference. I went every couple of weeks. She taught me how to do the exercises on my baby, and I would do them every day between visits. She recorded the improvement. She also suggested things to change around the house that I had been doing, so that my baby had to strengthen his weaker muscles. Simple changes but really helpful.

Mental abilities - I read, sang, played music .. we had the toys that were the tried and true ones that have been around forever. I also would buy ones that helped with what they were struggling with. My wobbly toddler had a ball blaster Fisher Price machine that he could hold onto and walk all the way around in a circle while getting music to play, etc.

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answers from Washington DC on


Please. Please. Please. Talk with your pediatrician.

You're looking for perfection or something and I'm not a doctor. I've NEVER seen your daughter. I've NEVER evaluated your daughter nor would I over the internet if I were a doctor.

Consult your physician. Detail your concerns. If you believe there's a problem? Video tape what you see....if you are trying to "develop" her? You are going to push her...which normally isn't a problem - but STOP trying to make her be where you feel she should be.

My kids all developed at different ages. My daughter (now 30) was crawling commando style at 6 months, walking at 9 the bottle at 9 months and ONLY sippy's she refused a bottle after 9 months. Had a pacifier until she was MAYBE 2.

My oldest son (now 16) didn't crawl until 9 months, walked at 12 and was yapping at 9 months old...NEVER used a pacifier. EVER.

my youngest (now 14) didn't crawl much - just went straight into walking. Stopped breast feeding on his first birthday. LOVED a bottle. Had a pacifier until he was 5 (this was a HUGE bone of contention for me...)

My boys were both preemies. Six and 4 weeks. My oldest was in the NICU for 10 days. My youngest was in for 9 days and he flat-lined on me when he was 4 hours old. Talk about panic.

You see? Even with the same mother? Children develop differently. Any mother on here will tell you each of hers did things differently. Hell - even TWINS do things differently.

BREATHE mama. BREATHE....write your concerns down. Consult your doctor.

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answers from San Francisco on

Take her out to the park. Read to her (very important). Play games with her. Talk and sing to her. Even if it turns out she has some kind of disability, all of these things are necessary for her development.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Your public library should have a whole section of books on games to play with infants and how to do massages and all sorts of stuff. When our kids were little I had 5-6 books checked out all the time.

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answers from Norfolk on

Our son didn't walk till 14 months but he was crawling a good long time before he decided to stand up.
He also LOVED climbing all over ME.
I'd sit on the floor with him and we'd play.

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answers from Washington DC on

Again, Thank’s for your question Zoey.

But also again, just wanted to emphasize that per Mamapedia Guidelines:

Medical questions may be asked, however, please know that the first and best source for the answers to all such questions will alway be an appropriate certified professional. Please always consult such a professional in these matters first and foremost. Mamapedia does not offer medical advice to our members, and any medical advice you receive on the site is taken at your own risk.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Call early intervention and have her evaluated if you are concerned. If they determine that she is behind in development, they will make a development plan that is tailored to her needs. The eval and therapy are free through your state's EI program.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I definitely think you need to speak with her pediatrician and probably some specialists. While there are plenty of 14 month olds who don't walk, she should certainly be able to sit up on her own by this age. It seems that she does have some kind of physical delay, but one that you can probably work on with therapy. You should have an early intervention center nearby that can evaluate her for a variety of things, including the concerns you have with her physical and mental development.

Early intervention is key - the longer you wait, the harder it will be. If your pediatrician has never noticed or discussed any of these concerns with you, it's also time for a new pediatrician. A good doctor would be concerned that a 14 month old couldn't sit up by herself.



answers from Columbus on

Have you mentioned your concerns during her well child visits?

It can be really hard when you see other kids doing things that your child can't do, but always remember that every child develops differently. But it won't hurt to have her assessed at an early age, because there are a lot of early intervention resources out there (Early intervention is usually provided by a state agency until a child reaches the age of 3. At age 3, services are then provided by your school district.)

In the meantime, read to her. Get on the floor and play with her. Just enjoy spending time with her and getting to know what a unique individual she is. .

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