How to Cook a Thin Chuck Steak?

Updated on September 28, 2011
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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So I accidentally carried a thin chuck shoulder steak home from the store. It is only .79 lbs, so not even 1lb. I called the store and told them I could come back and pay, they said the steak was on them so that was cool ;) Anyway, I really have no idea how to prepare it. I was going to have my hubby grill it yesterday, but he worked late but I have already thawed it and I want to prepare it today bc I don't want it to go bad on me. He is out tonight anyway, and now I found out it isn't really a steak to grill per-say. Any ideas? Can I bread it, brown it and simmer it a little oil smothered in onion for a few hours? I was reading this is a tough cut, so I was thinking that might be best? Thanks mamas!

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answers from Seattle on

Season it and put in a crock pot. It will be so tender and juicy.

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answers from Austin on

Dredge it in seasoned flour and brown it nicely in a little oil. Add some sliced onions to it while browning so that they brown a little too. Put the steak back in and take a can of crushed tomatoes, while the pan is still very hot, and deglaze the pan with them. Season with basil, garlic powder, oregano and salt (or whatever you like). When the sauce comes to a simmer, cover the pan and cook on low for an hour+. It's ready when you can cut the meat very easily with a fork. The meat will absolutely fall apart. Serve over a little rice. It's soooo tasty!

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answers from Boston on

dry it off, make the pan really really really hot, and brown it very fast on high heat on both sides, then put it on a plate and put a pot-lid over it and let it "rest" for about 5 minutes or more. Then cut into strips and serve. Either that or cut into strips to begin with and sear over very high heat in a pan. The key is high heat and not for very long or it will be very tough. Either that or cook it in a stew or sauce forever since then it will go past the tough stage and break back down into soft and chewable.

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answers from College Station on

Chuck is what I use for chicken fried steak.Cut it along the natural muscle lines, Bread it and fry it until golden brown. Serve with mashed potatoes, peas and homemade white gravy (drain pan of oil, sprinkle in flower and brown, pour in 2 cups milk, stir and simmer until thick. season with salt and pepper).

You can also put it in a skillet, smother in diced tomatoes, onions, garlic and simmer for an hour. Serve with egg noodles.

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answers from Houston on

With such a small cut of meat, you'll probably want to stretch how far it'll go. (How many to feed, that is.) I'd slice it thin, then throw it in the skillet. If you like onions, slice one up nice & thin, and cook it to a carmalized state of yumminess. Add cream of mushroom soup, and a splash of milk. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes. Cook up some egg noodles, or any other noodle you happen to like. Just before serving, add a carton of sour cream. (small if 1 can of soup, med. if 2 cans.) I've found that beef stroganoff is a marvelous way to make a small amount of meat go much farther! (And, slicing it thin masks the toughness)



answers from Houston on

You are correct, it is a tough cut. So cooking it quick on the stove top will not help. The best way to cook it is to braise it, low and slow. First you brown it to seal in the juices, then in the same skillet you cook up your onions and garlic (if you use them) with a little olive oil. Then add whatever sauce, simmer it low and slow. Depending on the thickness probably 45 minutes or so. You can cube it and add it to the sauce or leave it whole. I don't have a recipe for a sauce, but I bet you can find one online. When I cook I do a dash of this and that, I never measure anything. or if you have any ready made sauces, like BBQ sauce, or Teriyaki, that would work.


answers from St. Louis on

Any of those will work but the key to tenderness is high heat quickly. I hope you don't have a problem with red in the middle. If you cook it through it will have the consistency of shoe leather.

Ack, shoulder, okay that may not work. Marinate?

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