How to Conceive a Boy?

Updated on November 27, 2008
A.M. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi everyone... I recently saw a post by another mom asking if other moms had ways of I guess tilting the scale to having a girl since she had 2 boys... so here I am asking the reverse. I have 2 daughters who are the love of my life (including my husband of course) but I would like a son as well. I know in the end the most important thing is a healthy baby of course, but if there are any 'home made receipe' you have to offer?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check out Taking Control of your Fertility. In a nutshell, the closer to ovulation you have sex, the more likely you will have a boy. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

Have you tried doing a "Google" search on it?
try using the search words "is there a way to conceive a boy."



answers from Los Angeles on

Hello A., Well I am replying because my husband and I tried both times for boys and got 2 boys! We followed every bit of advice we came accross and it worked! (or it was a total coincidence?? We can never be sure!)Anyway, the main thing is you need to know when you are ovulating, as you need to have sex as close to ovulation as possible for a boy. The boy sperms swim faster AND die off faster so if you want a boy you want to get those sperms in there right when the egg comes out. You also want deep penetration (from behind is recommended) so that the boy sperms have a chance to be as close to the egg as possible and swim in there real fast before they die off or before any girl sperms get a chance to get in there. I remember reading that it is easier to try for a boy than a girl just because it is harder to time it just right for a girl, so you have that on your side! The only way that I used to tell when I was ovulating was: paying attention to my "cervical mucous" (aka discharge - sorry, gross). I never noticed it before that time, but it changes in consistency, appearance and amount throughout your cycle. I was easily able to tell when I would ovulate based on that alone. Here is a good link I found for you that explains what to look for really well. Scroll down to Cervical Mucous Monitoring:
Good luck! Hope it works for you. I feel it did for me! (But many people I know think we just got lucky, who really knows! I just know I LOVE my 2 boys!!) :-)JL



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You could try the "Old Wive's Tale" method....which actually worked for us......Mommy has to be on top! Have fun! Good Luck.



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Chinese Calender always works. Be careful which one you use. Look up a lot on google before choosing one. They guessed what I was having and all my sisters and I have 4 sisters and 14 nieces and nephews!

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