How to Clean White Walls

Updated on December 20, 2006
J.S. asks from Springfield, MO
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I am living in a rental house, and we plan on moving in the summer. Our walls are just plain drywall painted white, pretty typical for most houses. Does anyone have any tips for getting the walls looking like new again? I have been able to remove most all marks on the wall with those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but there are areas that still look dingy. The house had been painted just prior to us moving in 18 months ago. We get marks on the walls from furniture rubbing against it, permanant marker, pencil marks, pen marks, dirty handprints, and all other marks of love that come from 3 kids. The magic erasers have removed most things, but on areas where scrubbing is required, it wears the paint completely off. I don't want to have to repaint the house before we move, because it would cost way too much. There are some areas that I will be able to spot paint, and it wouldn't be noticeable. But other areas won't be that easy to simply cover up. I would like the house to look nicer on a daily basis also. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm not afraid to get in and work on it, I just want to be careful not to wear the paint off the walls completely like I have done in some spots.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I uses a paste of baking soda laundry soap(dry & clear or white) and peroxide

works like a charm on all stains from clothes to walls to carpet stains

works well just rinse well


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answers from Columbia on

Are your walls glossy or flat? For flat paint you can touch up anywhere, and it should not show up much. If they are glossy, then you can use vinegar... there is a site that lists the different solutions... I think it is or something like that. If you have time to wait for a product, I strongly suggest purchasing Pro-Tech. I bought it from a door-to-door salesman and it works on everything. I use it in the bathroom, on the walls, in the kitchen, like Febreez, on the car, in place of shout, ect. It is fantastic and you can make a bottle for everyroom! It is really wonderful stuff and is cheaper over time than buying all of those other chemicals. Plus it is natural and nontoxic and a disinfectant. I think you could find it online if you do a search.

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answers from Tulsa on


There are non caustic cleaners that work very well on your walls. Be careful with the magic erasers they contain Formaldehyde and other chemicals that can cause problems. Try Tough and Tender or diluted Sol-U-Mel. Works great and no harmful chemicals!

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answers from Kansas City on

vinegar works wonders and also just plain old bleach water



answers from Cleveland on


I would ask the land lord what type of paint to buy or if they have some they would give you. Our last place just told us to bring in something to put it in and they hooked us up. You may have to spend $10.00 on a small thing of paint.




answers from Tulsa on

I have always used TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate); it's a surface prep for before you paint, but it cleans like mad!!! You can buy it in the paint aisle at walmart



answers from Kansas City on

You are covered by what is considered normal wear and tear. Your Landlord is not able to hold the security deposit back for what the law sees as normal wear and tear over the past 18 months. And it almost sounds like you have flat paint, which is going to hold stains and may not even all come out.

You can try a solution of one tablespoon of trisodium phosphate (TSP) in 1 gallon warm water. This can be found any any hardware store.

Good Luck!



answers from Killeen on

We had this problem living on post and found out that WD40 works well on getting pen and marker off white walls. My husband and I just painted our house and I guess our kids thought that it was too dull so they added there mark on it. So, I'm having to clean my walls also.



answers from Tulsa on

I used to work for a property manager and the life of the typical renters white paint is only a year. I wouldn't worry about returning the house in fresh paint condition. Most owner/Property managers paint between tenants that have been there over a year.

If your security deposit doesn't cover the places that aren't normal wear and tear then they would have to sue you for the damages above what they keep from your security deposit and you can have your husband attest to the poor quality of the paint.

When you write your thirty day notice tell them you have been attempting to clean the walls but there are some spots where the walls just aren't going to come clean. You can accept that you will lose some of your deposit but not all of it because you did not chose the paint quality. State the same thing in your letter requesting your security deposit back. Also state that you know they have only 30 days to return the security deposit according most Landlord tennant acts. If you're in doubt about your legal position you can get a copy of the act from your landlort. According to federal law They have to provide you with one, for free.



answers from Kansas City on

Those Mr. Clean magic eraset things work GREAT! Target has some generic ones that work just as well.

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