How to Clean the Dr Brown Vent Inserts????

Updated on February 14, 2008
J.T. asks from Charlotte, NC
7 answers

OK, for those of you who use the Dr Brown's bottles - I do not mind cleaning them, but the vent inserts are getting yucky black stuff stuck in the crevasses. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do or how to get these clean? I know you can buy replacements, but I thought I would ask before purchasing them.

Thanks as always.


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answers from Clarksville on

they come with a lil brush for the vents but if u dont have that u can always soak them in hot water and bleach.u will get them clean and sanatize them all in one then just rinse them clean and ur all done



answers from Jacksonville on

Hey!!! I used those same bottles and they are awesome!! I never could keep up with that little brush that came with the bottles!!! I used to hand wash the bottles so I didn't have to run the dishwasher 20 times a day- then I noticed they started to have a smell to them - I started running them through the dishwasher everytime and it got the smell out, plus any yuckies - if u don't have a dishwasher - i would recommend soaking them in dawn soap and hot water. After they have soaked a bit - take a Q-tip to the vent inserts and it will remove all of the yucky. Then re-wash and soak if need to.



answers from Nashville on

I clean mine with a little brush that came with my starter kit. It is a very small brush (about the size of a pipe cleaner). I also make sure and sterilize them too, maybe not after every use (my little one is 6 months old now, so I don't sterilize like I did when he was a newborn). You might try soaking them in a little vinegar and water to help get the black stuff off.


answers from Nashville on

I have that problem with my sons sippy cups and stuff gets really expensive to replace every few weeks. I use hot water and about a tbsp of bleach to clean them. I let them soak about 20 mins and then I try to use a something I can shake and that seems to get the gunk out. Just be sure to rinse them in hot water afterwards. Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Try pipe cleaners. And you can try oxyclean, my sister swears by it. I always used baking soda and peroxide on my older sons sippy cups and valves, and those plastic straws that come in the water cups. I will do the same thing with this new baby when it comes time.



answers from Lexington on

i use an old tooth brush to get all the nasty gunk out of the gaskets of my daughters sippies...well i did before we got a dishwasher. no i jsut put them in the silver ware holder and use cascade with bleach. that combined witht the hot spray of water does the trick.



answers from Raleigh on

I use these bottles for my 8 month-old and as great as they are for him, they sure are a pain to clean. I have not had any trouble with the black funk though. I usually take the bottles apart completely and soak them in VERY HOT soapy water. I don't clean them until the water has cooled enough for me to put my hands in it. Then, periodically, I wash them in the dishwasher in one of those nipple/accessory cages you can get at Target or WalMart. Clean bottles. No funk.
Good luck.

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