How to Clean New Brazilian Cherry Hard Wood Floors

Updated on August 04, 2009
K.C. asks from Evansville, IN
6 answers

How is the best way to clean new brazilian cherry hardwood floors? Any help is appreciated! Also, we have a toddler and a dog. Any good ways to keep them from destroying the floors? Thanks

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answers from Columbus on

Your floors sound beautiful! I keep mine clean with the best kept secret...Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner. It's available at Lowe's or Home Depot. Love this stuff! Literally, you spray it on the floor and wipe off with the terry cloth mop that it comes with. My floors are done in 5 minutes!



answers from Toledo on

try the shark steamer, it's great, it only uses water! You can add some vinegar also if you want, but it's just steamed water and has been the best cleaner on our wood floors.



answers from Cleveland on

We clean our hardwood with vinegar & water. For a quick spot clean we use Swiffer Wet Jet ~ they make special formula for hardwood.



answers from Youngstown on

We have jajoba engineered hard wood and I use the swifter wet jet. When the floors are really bad, they will sometimes look streaked when I'm done, to fix this I have an empty cleaner (this will make sense when you look at the swifter) that I keep filled with water. I go back over the floors and the streaks are gone. As to helping to preserve your floors - no hard plastic/wooden/metal toys on the floors, keep them in a separate room. Also watch things with wheels b/c a stone can get caught in them and scrape the floor.



answers from Columbus on

We also have Brazilian Cherry Hard Wood Floors. They are beautiful, but ours scratch very easily. We don't wear our shoes in the house, which helps with dirt and minimize scratches. But our 15 month old son has definitely helped add "character" to the floor. I try to keep the toys off the hardwood floor as much as possible.
I was told by the installer to only use warm water and a little vinegar. After I mop, I go over the floor with a towl to dry it, you don't want to leave water laying on it. I was also told not to use ANY other type of chemical - it will dull your finish. Between moppings I use a terry cloth mop (8x15), covers a larger area than the swifter, and you can machine wash the terry cloth cover. I think the Terry Cloth helps bring out the shine of the floor better than the swifter.



answers from Indianapolis on

I too have Cherry Hard Wood floors and my sister told me to use Bona which you can find at Costco, Home Depot and Lowe's. I have been using Method Hard Wood Floor cleaner which I love, but apparently it can have long term effects on your floors!

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