How to Childproof Without Drilling?

Updated on January 02, 2009
M.M. asks from Orlando, FL
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Hi, does anyone know of any places where I could get some type of adhesive childproofing locks? We've been using these adhesive straps on the outside of our cabinets and it's been working until now. My son has learned how to unlock them and lock them back. These are the ones we've been using... . He's only 13 months so he doesn't understand not to mess with the chemicals under the sink or that the pots and pans will crack the tile when he holds them up high and then drops them. We're renting and aren't allowed to screw anything into the cabinets nor do I have enough cabinets to just put everything up high. There also aren't any knobs to use the latches that just connect the knobs. Any suggestions???? Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

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So What Happened?

They were $8 a lock, but I gave in and bought them from Thanks for the input ladies! You are all always so helpful and informative.

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A) Get your chemicals out from under the sink RIGHT NOW!! SERIOUSLY! Walk away from your computer right now and imagine there are no cabinets on your doors and take away anything you wouldn't want him to get (in kitchen AND bathroom) and put them up high somewhere-- pantry high shelf, on top of the fridge, linen closet top shelf, shelf up high in your bedroom closet-- anywhere OUT OF REACH because no matter what type of cabinet lock you use, you can not take the chance of the lock not working one day when he pulls on the cabinet door and you are in another room! If you can't find enough high shelves for all of your chemicals, you have too many chemicals!

B) Why are you still reading? You should be moving your chemicals!! haha!

C) Speak with your landlord-- they may be willing to allow you to drill and be happy that you have child-proofed their cabinets for them for the next tennant- you never know-- they may surprise you and allow it if you ask. Be sure to get the OK in writing.

D) I have 3 kids and have never used cabinet locks. All unsafe chemicals are not in reach. As for pots and pans, my toddler has his own cabinet where I keep the tupperware type stuff and he can go in there and pull stuff out to his heart's content. I put colorful plastic links on the doors of that cabinet and any time he goes for another door, I correct him and redirect him to HIS cabinet. It only took a dozen or so times of physically walking him back over to his own cabinet until he got it.

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You might think of putting up a gate at the entry way of the kitchen, no fun for your lil one, but at least that is one area he wouldn't be able to get into trouble. Just a thought. Good Luck!

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we got some adhesives ones--along with most of our baby-proofing stuff from
Here's a direct link to their babyproofing section:

They have both an adhesive magnet mount and a regular adhesive one (which is what we use under our kitchen).

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