How to Celebrate My Parents' Anniversary?

Updated on December 14, 2010
A.S. asks from Portland, OR
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My parents will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary in May. (I'm so proud of them!)
I am trying to figure out what I will do to help them celebrate.
I don't think they would like a surprise party.
My family has already done the idea where friend and family each send a card or email and they are put in the book.
Any other ideas?

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answers from Austin on

We like to hold open an "Open House" for these types of occasions.. We send out an invite to EVERYONE,, family, friends, neighbors, church friends.. etc.. We start it at 11:00am and end it at about 4:00pm.. We have a cake, cookies, coffee, sandwiches, dips, salads.. Punch.. People can come and stay or they can just pop in for a moment..

We set up all of the flower arrangement's all around for decorations.. Frame a bunch of photos.. put out photo albums, yearbooks, Wedding albums..
It is fun to see all of the people that pop in..

Take a ton of photos..

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Wow! Quite an accomplishment!
What about sending them away for a romantic weekend?
Or planning a family weekend at a cabin, lake house, etc.?

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answers from Detroit on

We had photos converted to a DVD for my parents 30th. I took about 150 pictures from the time they met to the present date and went to a company that scanned them in and let us pick 3-4 songs to play in the backgound. Turned out REALLY nice and us kids got a copy too.



answers from San Diego on

What is your budget? We threw a dinner cruise party for a recent milestone birthday in our family, and that was really fun. Ours was a surprise, but yours wouldn't have to be.

You could also make a special photo album, scrapbook, or video for them. Or create a big family tree and have it framed.

Congratulations to your parents!



answers from Seattle on

Send them or take them for a vacation!

Reenact their first date (if possible)



answers from Portland on

My parents have a small professional album from their wedding but had never done anything with the photos from others. I found the negatives while planning their 40th and made a scrapbook from those and their honeymoon which was driving from California to Oregon. My mom also kept the "people" from the top of their cake. We had a professional cake made and placed the restored topper on it. I also used the colors and flowers that they had for decorating. The party was open house style at a park and we invited everyone we could get ahold of - including people from their wedding. Some of them couldn't make it but sent cards. The event was not a surprise but some of the people that made it were.



answers from Portland on

Recreate the bridal bouquet and groom's boutineer (sp?). I did this for my MIL & FIL's 50th anniversary, and it was a huge hit! I took a wedding photo to a local florist who could tell what the flowers were, and then he did an amazing job of recreating them. I brought it to the restaurant, and then surprised my inlaws with them. We took pics of them standing together, like newlyweds. It was very, very sweet. I hope to double frame the photo of their 50th with their wedding photo someday.

Also, I took their wedding pic and had it put on a cake at Fred Meyers, and I had them recreate some of the details of their wedding cake. It was mildly cheesy, but they loved it!

My MIL & FIL are not extroverted people, so they told us they did NOT want an open house. So, I'd ask first before doing that.

Good luck! And congrats to your folks!

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