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Updated on October 22, 2013
K.F. asks from Hillsboro, OR
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We are currently pregnant with our 4th (and FINAL) baby. For the previous 3, we didn't do anything special to announce the pregnancy, but since this is the last one, I would like to do something more than just tell everyone as we see them. This is also likely to be the last grandchild for both sets of grandparents, so that makes it a little more special too.

My in-laws live out of town and we probably won't tell them when they visit in a couple of weeks because I won't yet be 3 months (and I'm kind of a stickler about that). So, we need a way to tell my family (who we see all the time) and also my in-laws. I've considered making my youngest a shirt that says "big sister est. May 2014" and have her wear it at a family dinner and wait for people to notice. But, that involves making a shirt (which I can do) and I feel so crappy these days that I'm having trouble getting motivated. I would love to do something that is somewhat original (i.e. not the Prego sauce can). Any suggestions??

Also, our other kids are 6, 4.5 and 2. I'm afraid if we tell them before the family announcement that they will spill the beans, but it feels weird to not have them be the first to know. What do you think? Do we let them find out with the rest of the family?

Thanks for the ideas!

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answers from Houston on

Do something involving "4th" things - 4th element in the period table, 4th place champions at the Olympics, 4th POTUS/VPOTUS, 4th largest state, 4th largest ocean, 4th letter in the alphabet, 4th book of the Bible etc etc, and ask what they all have in common. Then make the announcement!

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answers from Boston on

I saw a video on TV that a couple did to inform one of the grandmothers - they did a sort of scavenger hunt in the kitchen telling her there was a gift or something. Eventually she opened the oven and saw one of those large cinnamon buns. It took her a minute and they coaxed her a little, but shortly she came with "there's a bun in the oven." Watching her jump around was pretty enjoyable. You might try to find it on YouTube.

I think it's okay to tell everyone at once and not tell the kids ahead of time. You could have t-shirts made up for the kids to give out at the same time as you tell everyone else so that they get something special.


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answers from New London on

First off congrats!

I think it depends on your children. For us we told our four year old before our 6 year old for safety reasons lol. (She was trying to wrestle with me and she was becoming sad because I wasn't playing back and she didn't understand why. Son was away over night) Anyways she is freakishly good at keeping secrets. She didn't tell anyone. And when we told our 6 year old the next night he didn't tell anyone either.

As for the gifts...if your not feeling up to making anything would you be willing to purchase anything? If you go to pinterest and type in the search bar announcing pregnancy gifts there are a ton of ideas both to purchase and make yourself. Any idea I came up with involved some motivation sorry! (I'm about 21 weeks pregnant so those days of feeling sick are not far behind me)

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answers from Dallas on

I'm always amazed at people who can keep the secret for these reveals. I never could! The minute I found out, I shouted it to everyone who had ears, and I have 3!

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answers from Washington DC on

For my 1st, we decided to move back near the family, so we told them that we decided that we needed to be closer to doctors and such and that we were moving back in with them! (we didn't),

For my 2nd, we were in the middle of doing some renovating, so we told them we had decided to add on ... to the family! (for a second they thought we meant to the house :) ) Sadly, that one miscarried. :*(

For my 3rd pregnancy, we didn't tell anyone. My son's birthday party was just past the 3 months mark. so I found a card with a cute puppy on it that said 'Wanna know a secret?'. I placed a sono picture in it with 'you're invited to the next 'birth' day in 6 months! SHHH!! ;)

I cleared the fridge of all magnets and such and taped it to the front. Then I kept sending family members to get the fridge to get me things. Each would let out a little squeak and then come find me. It took about an hour for the it to get around the party ... it was fun.

For you, I would say do a picture, either Thanksgiving or Christmas card, that is 4 pics. One kid for each corner. In the 4th corner, do the pic of a present, with the tag 'Don't open until May 2014!'.

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