How Soon to You Start Seeing Pregnancy Syptoms??

Updated on May 27, 2008
T.D. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am 9 days late for my period! And I am a on time monthly person. I did take antibotics last month and had some extra stress. This last week my boobs were tender (thinking and hoping I would start any day!) but today they aren't hurting. Yesterday I started feeling the queazy feeling and peed all day long, but that's bc I was drinking alot of water I hope! Anyway, I don't want to be prego, but if it happens it happens, I will be happy either way, however my husband will have a cow. I am kinda in denial as you can see! hah How soon do women start seeing sypmtoms of pregnancy?? Within weeks??

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyones replies! I ended up being 13-14 days late on my period and my period finally came yesterday full flow!!! Thanks the Lord!!

I will be getting my hubby a vestectomy appt ASAP!!! That was too scary!

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answers from Dallas on

With my current pregnancy, it started about 3 days after I missed my period. We were NOT trying...and I was so scared to tell my husband, but I called him at work and told him that I was scared that I was pregnant and he was very calm. He brought me a pregnancy test and when we discovered I was pregnant...I cried and he was VERY EXCITED! I was shocked! I never thought that his reaction would be excited, but it was and still is. We are going to be having boy #3 in September - the 3rd child in 4 years! After the initial shock, I was VERY excited about having another baby! Get a digital pregnancy test and take it now. It is better to know for sure than to just have a ton of anxiety about it. If you don't want to tell your husband your suspicions, then take the test and see first. I wish you the best!

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answers from Abilene on

I had symptoms (back ache, heart burn, sore boobs) before I was even suppose to start. As far as feeling queezy, I don't think that came for a week or two after I found out. I was tired really close to the first (like maybe a week after I missed my period).

Good Luck!

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I had nausea in the second week of pregnancy, didnt find out i was pregnant til 4, pregnancy tests are designed to detect pregnancy in the 4th or 5th week. Although in my third week I did take a test and I could barely see the line, it was almost a shadow. So wait, take a test.
This site may help

it helped me alot

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With my pregnancies the symptoms were all different. The first two I had very sore breasts that lasted about a week right around the time my periods were due and was able to know I was pregnant the day I was late on my period by taking the store bought pregnancy test's.
With my 3rd, I had NO symptoms whatsoever but did find out I was pregnant by 3 weeks of pregnancy from a store bought had a very faint posotive but when I went to my OB, it was definitely posotive. I never had any sickness with my 3rd or the sore breasts. I didn't even "feel" pregnant until I started showing. You definitely should get a test. 9 days past due and sore breasts are a good indication you are pregnant.
I do not think antibiotics make you late on your period however, I'm not for sure but I've just never heard of that and I've had to take antibiotics many times.
Everything will work out just find if you are. When I got prego with my 3rd, I was terrified and he was a BIG surprise but he's been the best baby and I can't imagine him not being here. Oh, BTW it seems that the majority of people that have a 3rd, say they're 3rd was the "oops" child (but of course still very loved)! : ) LOL

Good luck and of course please keep us updated!

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answers from McAllen on

Antibiotics don't make you late, but if you are on them and birth control, they sometimes make your birth control not work. You probably wanna get checked out. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

With this last one, I was a week away from my period when I started noticing the symptoms. I would take a test if you are 9 days late.

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