How Soon Can I Give Ibprofen After Tylenol???

Updated on April 02, 2012
J.K. asks from The Colony, TX
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I gave my 5 1/2yr old daughter Tylenol at 4:30PM this afternoon for a high high fever...Can I give her Ibprofen at bedtime at 8PM tonight or do I have to wait the full 4 hours???

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Seattle on


Ibuprofen & Tylenol can be taken at the same time. They have different modes of action and a synergistic effect (work better together than separately).

So, 5 seconds? Gulp, swallow, gulp swallow :) however long that takes you

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answers from Chicago on

You can technically give them at the same time, they are different medicines, in different categories, and work in different ways. (I did this at work frequently for my postpartum moms in pain, I am a nurse). You just need to be sure each individual med is spaced appropriately as indicated on the package (Tylenol/acetaminophen is typically every 4-6 hours and Motrin/ibuprofen every 6-8 hours). Ibuprofen lasts longer and is typically better at reducing fever so it is a good option at bedtime. If she wakes up in the night with a fever you can repeat the tylenol then. It is okay (and often beneficial) to leave a lower fever alone. I only treat fevers if my child is miserable due to the fever or if it is very high. If it is 101 and they are eating and playing fine I don't do anything. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

ETA: If you alternate them "by the clock" then be sure to wait at least 3 hours between because if you only wait two hours you will be repeating the ibuprofen in 4 hours and that is too soon. If you alternate based on symptoms just be sure it has been the appropriate amount of time since that particular med was given.

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answers from Boston on

I was told by my dr that is can be every 3hrs when alternating between motrin and tylenol. so tylenol at 4:30 motrin at 7:30 and tylenol again at 10:30 if needed.

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answers from Dallas on

My son had high fevers and I gave him advil, then 2-3 hours later tylenol, then advil 3 hours after that, then tylenol 2 hours later.....back and forth. A doctor recommended this because my son had seizures with a high fever. Read the label. If it says tylenol ever 4 hours then that's what you do. Read label for advil (might say every 6 hours). Also try and get your daughter to eat before advil/ibuprofen. It can be hard on the stomach.

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answers from Washington DC on

actually you should be able to give her the ibuprofen at 6:30 and the tylenol again at 8:30. You can alternate them every two hours for fever.

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answers from Detroit on

You should be fine to give at 8 takes a while for oral medications to be absorbed and giving the ibuprofen a little early is not going to hurt anything. I've often "staggered" the two to keep DD covered, without there being a lapse, when she's had fevers, ear infections, etc.

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answers from Dover on

You would be fine to give her the ibprofen as early as two hours after the Tylenol.

When my kids fevers have been high and not dropping enough with either one, they've had me alternate them giving each one every four hours but 2 hours apart. Example...Tylenol 12, 4, 8, and Motrin 2 & 6. Once we got the fever under control (but still present), we would alternate the two every 4 hours.

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answers from San Antonio on

I thought it was every 3.
So 4pm - tylenol
7pm - ibuprofen
10pm - tylenol.

So whatever your box says about how long to wait, wait correctly (ie, 4pm-10pm is 6 hours between tylenol doses). As for how long between tyelnol and ibu, ideally it's the 3-4 hours. But if her fever is high, try a little sooner. Or go take a cold shower with her if indeed her fever is extremely high (104+). I have taken numerous showers with my 2-4 yr old in my arms. Helps every time.

Did her fever go down at all after you gave her the tylenol?



answers from Dallas on

You can rotate them every 3 hours.



answers from Philadelphia on

If i am uncomfortable with me or my childrens meds, I always call CVS. They are so helpful. I have called 24 hr ones in the middle of the night before. They even tell me when a med can upset a stomach and to eat cheerios or something :)

If you dont have a CVS, any local pharmacy would be happy to help you i would think :)


answers from Washington DC on

We give them at the same time to start and then alternate 4 hours for Tylenol and 6 hours for the Motrin.

We do this based on the recommendation of neurologists at Children's National Medical Center in DC...based on my daughter's history of febrile seizures.

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