How Often Should a 10 Month Old Breastfeed?

Updated on November 22, 2008
A.U. asks from Martinez, CA
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Hi moms!
How often should a 10 month old be breastfeeding? My son wants to nurse multiple (8+) times day and night. I'm exhausted, sore (his top teeth are coming in!) and feeling tapped out. We give him lots of solids from 3-5 jars of baby food a day, plus finger foods like Cheerios or Zwieback toast, and a sippy cup of juice or water in between meal times. We've also started giving him some table foods. I feed him until he signs for "all done", so I don't think it's a hunger problem. Especially at night, he mainly wants to nurse for comfort. I hate to give up nursing him before a year, which was always my goal.
Is his nursing schedule normal? What's the best way to gently cut back? My daughter nursed for a year too, but pretty much weaned herself by 12 months.

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answers from Fresno on

Hi A.,
Since he seems to be nursing for comfort and not nutrition during some of these feedings, perhaps you could give him a pacifier when he is not truly hungry, to help him self-soothe (or give him his favorite blankie, or toy, sippy cup of water, etc.). At that age my daughters had weaned themselves, which really bummed me out, but they were taking bottles/food about every 4 or so hours. As I recall, it was 6am bottle followed by some solids, 10am bottle, solids for lunch, 2pm bottle, dinner at 6 with a small bottle afterwards to "top them off," then off to bed with no food/bottle during the night.

I think if you're wanting to cut back, try a pacifier when it's not meal time, and cuddle him. Then he still feels close to you, but you are not serving as his human pacifier! Slowly he will start grabbing the binky (or blankie, or whatever) when he needs comfort, rather than needing you to soothe him every time, and that should solve your problem.

Good luck and enjoy your little guy! =)

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answers from San Francisco on

My daughter is a yr old and still has newborn patterns- and for her she does like breastfeeding at night, alot. So I just take her to bed. That is when she eats the most. During the day, its a smaller amount and frequent, but I think that is because she is distracted by the world and she eats big girl food too. Right now, I might be pregnant for the third time, so she is eating less, but is also teething.
This uncertainity and then the eating alot, is normal. At 10 months,my daughter did the exact same thing, so just follow his flow, or you can pump and give to him when he wants it. He might be fighting something, and like you said, comfort, and time with you is super important to him at this age.
Hope this helped.

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answers from Bakersfield on

I breastfeed 'till they hit college... lol. But no seriously I let them nurse as often and long as they like. I'm nursing my 17 month old as I type here and I nursed my oldest until he was 4 1/2. (worldwide average weaning age is 5) I personally let them nurse almost always on demand if the situation allows. It's more than food though. It's comfort, security, bonding and immunity development for your growing child. They stop bennefiting at the age of 5 so this is really my limit and most babies will stop naturally by then if not encouraged to continue by their mom. As they get older 3 1/2 - 5 they will usually only nurse upon waking going to sleep or getting hurt. So it's not like an "all the time" thing. And then one day they just forget about it.
I love every stage of the breastfeeding journey and enjoy the results of the closeness and bonding.

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