How Often Do You Go to the Fitness center....What....... ???

Updated on October 29, 2010
D.C. asks from Plano, TX
3 answers

.....amenities do you use ??? And how long do you stay (from checking in to checking out) ????

I've made it my Pre-New Years resolution to join the local fitness center....and I'm trying to figure out how much time to plan for the visits....

Thanks for your help !!!!

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answers from Seattle on

Last June I decided to get serious about weight loss. I am plus sized. So, I went to the gym (we have a place called LA Fitness) and signed myself up. The first month all I did was water arobics. Every night for an hour. They had classes there. I think in the first two months I dropped 28lbs. Granted, I also DRASTICALLY changed my diet.
Then I slowly started onto cardio machines. I just walked first. Slowly! lol 1/2 hour, and then I would go and do a little bit of weights. When I started using the actual "gym" (not the pool) I was in there for about 45 minutes. As time went on I added things to my repetoir (sp?). I LOVED the eliptical. But, honestly, the first time I did that horrendous machine I lasted all of 3 minutes and thought I was gonna die. When I stopped going to the gym (April of this year, got prego and SUPER nasty nauseous) I was on that eliptical for 45 minutes! Then, I would go and do some stretches, free weights, and then back up for a cool down on the bike or walking (15 minutes). So, by the end of my gym time I was there almost 2 hours.
From June of last year until April of this year I lost about 105 lbs. Take it slowly, push yourself, but not to the point of puking or dizzyness (which I did a few times), listen to your body, and don't worry about what ANYONE else is thinking! That was hard for me, especially when I was lasting 3 minutes on an eliptical!! But you know what? Screw them all!! I was working hard for me and setting my own personal goals.
Do NOT just go to the gym, change your eating habits as well!!! Drink tons and tons of water.
Good Luck to you!

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answers from Portland on

Try to go 3-4 days a week at least, every day would be okay. I do 20-30 minutes on the treadmill or eliptical with 10-15 minutes of light weight lifting. Don't do the same muscle groups everyday. For example, one day do biceps and quads, the next triceps and back, and so on. group two muscle groups at a time with whatever's comfortable for you.
On the days that I don't weight lift (I only weight lift 3 days a week) I do more cardio. But if your body is telling you to rest and that you're tired, do less or take a day off. you know your body best.

I hope this helps you! and kudos to you for wanting to get more exercise!

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answers from Detroit on

Hi D.---It all depends on what your goals are. My husband is currently taking cycling classes about 2X per week. Not sure how long that lasts, but then he also does a brief routine with weights, about 30 minutes.

Again, depending on your health goals...are you wanting to lose weight? increase strength? For losing weight, it is recommended that you work out for at least 90 minutes of cardio. I believe that a combination of cardio and weight training gets you a well rounded work-out. Weight training also helps define muscles so that it looks like you've lost more weight that you actually have. Muscle takes less space in the body than fat. Muscle also burns calories even when you are sitting down. 60 to 90 minutes will get you to your goals more quickly.

I also think that yoga is a great form of cross training also. If you can combine these 3 basic types of exercise, you will lose weight, gain strength which will help your balance as you age.

I also would recommend hiring a trainer if you can. A trainer helps to mix up the exercise routine so that the body does not get used to a certain level of exercise. The body is very sneaky and will only do what is required of it. A variety of exercises keeps the body on it's toes, so to speak, so that you continue to make progress in strengthening your body.

Then there is the possibility of the sauna. Again, my husband uses it religiously. Sauna heat has a detoxifying effect so it could also be part of your wellness routine. I guess you just have to determine what you want to accomplish and then plan for that time.

Good luck and congrats on your decision to get fit! Be well, D.

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