How Much Would Your Charge to Watch a 5Month Old for a Bit over an Hr and a Half

Updated on October 03, 2012
M.M. asks from Rice Lake, WI
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My cousin wants me to watch their baby in between her going to school and him coming home from work. I asked for a certain amount but I want to know your advice because she's offering me less then I asked. So how much would you charge for an 1 1/2 hrs, also how much would you charge to watch from 8-5:30?

It's only one day I week for each of those for now I would watch her on Wed for an 1 1/2 hrs then once school is done I'd watch her Tues all day. So just a daily rate please!

to answer a few questions, the cousin I'm watching for is actually my cousins wife, he manages a tire store and makes very good money. She lost her job last yr and decided to go back to school but financially they are fine, I asked for $10 she's offering $6 My finances are a bit tighter I work 7days a week and we are doing okay.

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answers from Atlanta on

My friend have a in home daycare and she charge $10 a day or $25 for the entire day. I think these is very reasonable prices.. $6 a day is an insult. And if they are in a good financial situation, what is 4 more dollars?



answers from Orlando on

Is it just a one time thing? Or every day? If it was every day M-F ... I'd probably ask for like 25$-35$ per week (5-7 per day) -- all day 8pm-5:30pm I'd say at the very least 100-150 per week.

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answers from Hartford on

I would typically charge $10 an hour. I knocked it to $8 an hour for my best friend. I do it for free for my brother's baby.

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answers from Chicago on

if this is a legit question then here goes. (saying that because if its a cousin and just once in a while I wouldn't charge but if it is a regular thing then...)

I would charge $10 for the hour and half thing (discount for cousin part)
and $60 for the day thing. (again giving discount for family) regular would have been $110 a day for those hours)

how old is the cousin? is she still in school? young? adult professional? all of those things make a difference. you want to make it worth your while but you also don't want to make it so hard she can't afford to pay it if she is a kid and trying to get out on her own. you don't really give enough info for a true answer. those of us who provide daycare / nanny services might charge more or less depending on all the details. I would charge more myself for a professional person settled in her or his job than I would a 17 year old trying to take care of her baby and still finish school. so there are many different sides to look at.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My babysitter charges $10/hr. and while that's quite expensive, I'm paying for my own peace of mind too. I know our son is wonderfully cared for and he loves her. From what I hear around where I live, that's the going rate even for daycare! I'd check out the going rate for childcare in your area, and give her a couple dollars off that, because she's family! Good luck.

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answers from St. Louis on

Um, I may be weird but I would do an hour and a half for free.

For an entire day, I would say $10/hour. That is what I pay our sitter outside of day care.

We pay day care $300/week for one full time and one only after school.

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answers from New York on

We pay our sitter $8- $10 an hour depending on what she needs to do while she's there. For a full day, I would offer $75 for the day. Taking care of an infant is tiring, but not all that difficult. I made more than $6 an hour babysitting in college!



answers from Dallas on

Is this at her home or your home? $10 for the 1.5 hr afternoon is reasonable if it's at your home, but if I had to travel to someone else's home it would be more. For an all-day rate, I'd compare to what centers charge in your area. As you can tell from the other posts, there's a lot of regional variation in the cost of daycare.



answers from Los Angeles on

For a 1 time shot for 1 1/2 hours I would say $20 because it has to be worth your time. If it was an on going 1 day per week for 1.5 hours I would say $10. For all day for a one time shot I would say $60 but if it was if it was on going 1 day per week I would say $30-40. When I used to take my daughter to day care the woman had a flat rate of $35 per day and she fed them lunch. When I had 2 kids there it was $25 per child per day.



answers from Philadelphia on

Sounds like it depends on where you live. Here, a babysitter is $12 to $15 an hour no matter what (minimum). I would charge what you feel your time is worth if you could be doing something else.



answers from New York on

As a baby nurse in NYC, I charge 20/hr for 1 child.
I agree with Sherry on her response. Are we talking a young cousin, adult cousin? Her prices are appropriate.



answers from Portland on

Um, my 'low' rate for childcare is $10 an hour. That said, that's the average around here for childcare.

For 1.5 hours, I would charge $15. I think $6 is a very low-ball figure. If it were me, doing a 'favor' for someone else, then at the very least $10-12 would be reasonable. However, I don't think I personally would do the job for less that $15 myself.

A daily rate would be $95 (for 9.5 hours of care.) Yes, the baby does likely nap, but you are also going to have to deal with long stretches of crying, no relief/breaks for lunch time, etc. Carrying the baby and packing it around is work! When I was a nanny for families with babies, those children were well-paid attention to. No tv on, lots of little walks, bottles, naptime routines, bathing diaper changes--- I hate to put a dollar price on it, but if it were me, I would not do the day job for any less than $85. (Granted, I have 20 years in the business, but the price I'm giving would be my 'friend' rate. I usually charge a bit more for full-price professional jobs.)



answers from Minneapolis on

Our drop-in Daycare charges $6 an hour or $30 a day.


answers from Minneapolis on

shes your cousin, its 1 1/2 hours really?
Since your asking, I would say 3-5 bucks an hour if I really needed the money. If its longer, and all day. Then find out what the daycare's are charging monthly. Every area has different rates.


answers from Springfield on

It depends. Are you willing and able to help her out as a favor? As your cousin, can she afford to pay you full price or is she asking you because she can't afford anything else? Are you looking to or need to make money? Is this a short-term or long-term commitment?

A fair price could be $8-$10 an hour. Childcare costs vary widely depending on a number of factors (anywhere from $4-$18/hour) - home day care vs. larger facility, etc.



answers from Seattle on

I would do it for free, maybe with the stipulation that I would expect us to trade care occasionally (her watching your kids) when you need it.

For the whole day it depends. For a relative or a good friend I may do it for free if I am home anyways. When I ask my friend for sitting a whole day I usually give her $50 (and she usually refuses to take it).
If you are doing it as a job I would take $10/hour.

Professional babysitters/nannies around here(Seattle) make $15 - $25/hour DOE.



answers from Albuquerque on

I would ask for $15 for 1.5 hours. I think $10/hour is a fair amount for one baby. For a whole day I might discount to $8/hour.

Just saw your added info. $6 for an hour and a half?? No way! It really wouldn't be worth my time to get prepared to watch a baby for only $6. If the cousin needed help, I'd do it for free. If she has enough money, I'd stand firm at $10 for the hour and a half. She's not going to value your time if you give it away too cheaply.



answers from New York on

I think $6 is ridiculously low! For 1 1/2 hours, $10 would be the minimum. Should be more like $12 or $15.

If you're willing to take $10 for the hour and a half ... I would say $70 for the full day.



answers from New York on

If it was just a random 1 1/2 hour every now and then, I would not charge anything. But since it sounds like its an ongoing thing, I would not take any less than 75 dollars for those 11 hours you work. Just curious...what is she offering you?


answers from New York on

I second what Sherry said. Several factors. Is she young? single mom trying to graduate high school? Is she very broke? How are your finances? Are you close? How inconvenient is it for you to watch the baby? All of these are factors, and also I could not answer one without the other. For example if it were my cousin, and it was only the 1 1/2 hours a week, I would probably not charge anything. If it was an 8 hour day plus that, I guess $100 unless she was young and broke. (My cousin is neither).The going rate for babysitting is $10 an hour in my area.

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