How Much Would You Pay a Nanny to Spend the Night?

Updated on January 28, 2010
M.M. asks from Carrollton, TX
4 answers

I plan on hiring a full time nanny, but I am in need of someone with very flexible hours. I work in EMS and work a 24 hour shift each week and a 12 hour shift. My husband travels for his job. I would need the nanny to pick the kids up after school at 3:00 and put them to bed at 8:00 and spend the night ...then I will be home early that next morning. Do I pay the same per hour for the night time hours as I do for working day hours?

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answers from Dallas on

That would also depend if you expected her to be awake during that night time. If you just want her sleeping on the couch when they are in bed just to have an adult around, yes pay her less.

If you want her awake, I would pay her a normal pay. The best nannies will clean, do laundry, etc while the kids are asleep. Although, it really depends on who you are hiring as well.



answers from Dallas on

I guess it really depends more on what you mean by full time. Do you just work one 24 hour shift and one 12 hour shift? So if you would need her during those times only, I would pay her weekly based on a agreed rate ahead of time but not hourly.



answers from Chicago on

I don't think the pay should be the same for "waking hours" as it should be for "sleeping hours". I agree that if you are going to have a pretty set schedule - x number of days per week, then perhaps a flat rate would be more appropriate.


answers from Dallas on

I think it depends. If that's going to be a regular event, then you'll probably pay hourly. But it might also depend on the nanny. I nannied several years ago, and I occasionally stayed the night. If I stayed the night, it was in addition to my normal 12 hour day. I was paid hourly from 6:30am-7pm. Then I took a break, and came back at 10pm. I was paid a flat rate from 10pm-6:30am, then back to hourly. The flat rate was less than hourly, but I still thought it was a fair rate. We came up with the flat rate together (this only happened when one of the girls was sick in the hospital, which happened a couple of times).

Or you could pay a flat rate per week, but adjust it if the nanny works more or less hours for any given week. But be specific when discussing this, and include it in your contract. Hope that helps!

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