How Much Weight Did You Gain with 2Nd Baby

Updated on July 21, 2010
S.S. asks from Osgood, IN
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ok a littl background. I have been bulimic for about 7 years, so when I conceived my first child it was a miracle (I wasnt getting a period anymore) the thing is I was so malnurished that I gained 10 pds before I even knew I was pregnant, 70pds in my first trimester and 125pds total. I have lost all but 15, but I was super skinny to begin with so am probably at a normal weight right now. my son is about to turn a yr old and my husband and I are talking about having another. We want to do it soon for various reasons. One is that I would like to go back to school soon, but want to have another baby (and our last we only want and can afford two kids) first. another reason is that My husband is going to be 42 in Oct, and we are concerned about his age adding to the possiability of birth defects if we wait longer (I am only 25) and the last reason is because of my bulimia. we orgianlly said we would wait intillour son turned 2 to get pregnant again but I know with that much time I am going to be bingeing and purging as much as I can within the next yr because I know I will have to stop once I am pregnant. (side note I am in therapy) so we decided that if I can eat healthy and not throw up for at least a month (but probably more like two to be safe) then we could try and get pregnant sometime this fall. (right now I cant even make it a day) but I am so terrified about gaining alot of weight. I keep hearing all these stories about how alot of women gain more during their second pregnancies and have a harder time taking it off. so I want to know how much did some of you mamas gain during your second compared to your first did anything contribute to the more or less pds you gained and how hard was it to take off, also how old were you, (as it is harder to take off weight or even recover from pregnancy the older you are)

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So What Happened?

thank you all so much for the answers. I feel much better now about having a second baby. As for talking to my ob/gyn I did talk to her during my first pregnancy about my bulimia and I had the feeling she didnt take me seriously enough (she called my eating disorder an eating problem) in her defense not alot of girls with an active eating disorder can get pregnant, so she pry just assumed it wasnt as bad as I was making it out to be. The harsh reality is that most MDs are not to familiar with eating disorder or how to reconize or treat them. Its something my therapist mentioned when i first saw her. People think that you need to be extremely skinny for an ED to be dangerous but most bulimics stay average or overweight (to anyone who knows this the fact that I was thinner then that should have said something but I didnt start seeing my ob/gyn till I was 5mnths pregnant and already gained 80pds) the real danger with bulimia is low electolytes causing heart faulire or gastric rupture both ending in imediate death. I know some of you are thinking well find another doctor but I live in a very small town. ther are no hospitals. you have to drive 30 min to get to mine and in a 40 mile radius there are only 4 ob/gyns 2 are not taking on anymore patients. and the other is a guy and i feel funny about seeing a male ob/gyn....(besides most male doctors seem to be more condesending about my ED) i know that the health of the baby and my own health will be most important should i get pregnant again, but bulimia is an addiction. deep down I know whats important but I still will rationalize to get want i want. as for the comment about waiting longer for my bulimia to be under control (one month not being enough) I didnt wait at all with my son (since he was a suprise and that may be why I gained so much weight...I wasnt prepared) I have just had blood work and an EKG done and suprisingly enough I have suffered no side effects tha would effect a pregnancies (the pschytrist that ordered the test was annoyed because he said I seemed smug about getting away with what I have been doing) so i know I am physically healthy enough. oh I also want to mention that I was 285pds in high school and dropped more than 150pds really fast (i have almost 20pds of exta skin so even at 130pds my bones stuck out) so i am not worried about loose skin and stretch marks i have had loose skin since I was 18 and stretch marks since I waas 10

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answers from Indianapolis on

I was 26 when I delivered my second baby. All through my pregnancy I only gained 8 pounds. I was active with my (prior to conception) athletics. I continued biking and bowling the first trimester and yoga throughout the entire pregnancy. I exercised in moderation and stages as seemed fit for my expanding belly and ate in moderation and only healthy snacks. Upon delivery my son weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. calculating that the average amount of water weighs as much as the baby the same with the afterbirth I came out of the hospital almost 17 pounds lighter. Seemed like a good sweet deal to me!

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answers from Washington DC on

I gained far less with my second than I did with the first. I gained well over 100 pounds with my first and had my own gravitational field! LOL!! With my second I probably gained 35 or 40 lbs.
I lost it all with both kids but I will mention that once I hit 40 I found that keeping weight off is much harder. I'm 45 and I can't eat what I want and stay thin. I have to be careful to eat healthy and exercise.

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answers from Gainesville on

Honestly, I think you need to have the bulimia better under control for more than a month before you get pregnant. Your body needs time to replenish the lost stores of all the good stuff that you and baby need to support a healthy pregnancy.

The healthier you are the easier the pregnancy, the more normal the weight gain and the easier it is to recover from pregnancy (including returning to a reasonable weight).

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answers from Cleveland on

I gained the exact same amount with both of my pregnancies - 40 lbs. I was 25 with the first child and 27 with the second child. It was a little more difficult to lose the weight the second time, but that was because I was focusing much more on my two children than on myself. I did lose the weight it just took a bit longer. The shape of my body has changed and it has taken a while to get used to that. Please make sure you are ready to handle two children with the mention of your personal issue. Whenever I feel myself getting really stressed and not taking care of myself as I should be, I try to keep in mind a saying I read somewhere "Happy, Healthy Mom Makes Happy and Healthy Kids."

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answers from Portland on

I'm almost 27.
With my first pregnancy I gained 40 lbs, lost most of it (all but 10) and I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my second and I have only gained about 10 pounds because I'm constantly running around after my 20 month old!
My doctor said that although I haven't gained a whole lot of weight, I'm still healthy because I'm getting all my nutrients- I'm just a lot more active than I was with my first.
Here's the thing though: Are you sure you'll be able to stop binging if you get pregnant? Pregnancy puts such a toll on your body, and binging will not only rob you of needed nutrients, but more importantly your baby's too.
Good luck, I'm pulling for you. If you want another baby, gaining weight should be the last thing on your mind....

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answers from South Bend on

I am on my 4th pregnancy. I have never gain very much weight with my pregnancies (2 were in my 20's, 2 were in my early 30's), but I gained just a few more pounds with each pregnancy (2-3lbs more each time). If you are underweight, you should gain more and not be concerned if you don't loose the extra afterwards. Likewise, it is suggested that you gain slightly less if you are overweight. A healthy weight does wonders for a developing baby. So does a healthy diet.

I applaud you for working so hard at overcoming your battles before getting pregnant again. Not everyone is willing to work that hard for another person. It shows great strength in you! Just make sure everything you put in your mouth has nutritional value (including beverages) and that you are only eating when hungry, not bored, tired, etc. If you really concentrate on that, you shouldn't gain more than you should be. And stay off the scale at home. Let the ob office do the weighing and close your eyes when they read the scale. ;)

I have been working with some of my own diet-related battles with this pregnancy. I have an extreme love for carbs, sweets and "quick" foods. I don't eat enough fruits and veggies. Honestly, I have to chant "Healthy mommy = healthy baby" over and over again when I am really wanting that unhealthy, non-nutritious food, so that I can replace it with something of nutritional value. My battle is not near as hard as yours........but seeing the strength that you have and the will power to make a change, has actually provided me with more motivation to make my struggle a thing of the past!

You are a good mom! Keep it going!

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answers from Dayton on

I completely agree with Dori W. It is recommended to at least wait a year to get pregnant again so your body can recover. Due to your experience, I think your body might need extra to recover. Remember that during pregnancy you might go through things that you normally wouldn't so a body that hasn't completely recover might have a hemorrhage after delivery, anemia or bone loss. It also takes a lot of energy to take care of 2 children or to be pregnant and take care of one. This can put a lot of strain on your body is you haven't let it get completely strong.

I'm 31 and had my first at age 24. I have 3 kids (2 years apart each) and in average I've always been around 100 lbs. I gained between 25 to 30 lbs per pregnancy but after delivery only had 8 to 10 extra pounds. Definitely it gets harder to get back to normal after each pregnancy. Also your skin starts losing it's elasticity and your muscles might not go back and "hang" unless you really exercise and work on those areas. It helps to wait and be in great shape physically. Your body will go back to normal faster if you are in good shape! Your next pregnancy might be as easy as the first one (you have more energy and your body is in good shape) so I would advice to wait and finish to work on resolving your issues with bulimia. You want to be at healthiest in mind and body to set an example to your children :)



answers from Columbus on

I gained 40lbs. with my first at age 29 and 27lbs. with my second at age 32. I lost the weight from my first within several months, and the weight from the second by my 6-week visit. I had completely different cravings with the two pregnancies. The first time I craved cheeseburgers and fries and the second pregnancy I craved fruits and vegetables. Also, the second time around I was so busy with my first child that I didn't get to sit around much. Please take care of yourself, the weight is not nearly as important as being healthy and having healthy children.



answers from Cleveland on

Every person is different in terms of how much weight they gain or lose with their second child and how long it takes to lose or gain the weight back.

The most important concern is you and your baby's health.



answers from Cleveland on

I think I will just answer your question without going into anything else.

Baby 1 at age 28 I gained 35 lbs. Lost it in a few months or less

had several stresses in my life and two miscarriages and gained 15 pounds so started second pregnancy heavier.

Baby 2 at age 31 I gained 20 pounds - lost it in about a few weeks.

Now that my boys are 3 and 6 am down to a little less than pre-child weight.

Best wishes for your health and well being.



answers from Washington DC on

I gained less in my second , first time I gained 40lb and second was 28lb.



answers from San Diego on

First of all, congratulations on your honesty and being in therapy.

What does your therapist and ob/gyn recommend as far as when to get pregnant. I would not worry about your husband's age. He is not that old.

As far as answering your question, I gained 45 with both of my pregnancies and returned to my pre-pregnancy weight at about 9 months post-partum.



answers from Evansville on

My first pregnancy I ballooned. It didn't help that I sat all day at a cubicle either cuz my ankles swelled up with water retention. My second pregnancy went so much better because I received chiropractic adjustments the entire time. I didn't have water retention, or the normal aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I didn't gain that much and after I was in my original clothes in 30 days without any dieting. Your body heals itself better when you are in alignment. I didn't receive a chiropractic adjustment until I was 30 years old and I just had my 2nd kid at 31. I wish I had done it with my first pregnancy. Stay positive and don't keep telling yourself it's hard as you get older. You will fail yourself before you can succeed. Be positive.
I know, from reading this website that moms are probably gonna jump all over you for your eating disorder. I wish you good luck with your therapy. I hope you are able to kick that nasty habit and be a healthy mom who sets a good example for your children.



answers from Cincinnati on

I gained less weight with my 2nd pregnancy. I was 31 when I had my first child and I gained 40 lbs and I was 35 with my second and gained 25 lbs. I have lost all of the weight except for about 10 lbs. I exercise daily but I don't have the greatest eating habits which I'm sure contributes to not loosing the last 10 lbs. If you eat healthy and exercise then you will be fine.



answers from College Station on

I gained 15lbs with my second. My first I gained 30lbs! Basicly you need to eat healthy and not snack. I personally if in your shoes would try to wait a little longer just so you have more nutrition in your body and thats not being mean I dont want nothing happening to mama or baby! Just remember that the weight you gain is for the baby and with excersize and healthy eating can be controled resonably and lost quickly after the baby. Also contact your Ob/Gyn and ask him/her what you should do before getting pregnant. I sugest maybe starting prenatal pills now so that your body is fully nutritioned. Also ask your ob about hubbys age bc I heard it didnt matter but not sure. I am 19 with 2 kids, had a c section and yes it was a little hard for me to lose it bc I snacked after pregnancy and for about 4 months I was worried I would tear my scar, but I dont think I would have I was paranoid!
Good luck with baby and your therapy! I wish you luck and send support :) I was anorexic before my first!



answers from Cleveland on

Actually from my experience and what I have seen in friends and family, it isn't that you gain more weight with the second, but you may show sooner. Your uterus has already been stretched and it makes it easier for baby number two to stretch it.

That being said though, if you didn't get stretch marks the first time, you are less likely to get them this time, although the experience can be completely different. I'm on baby number 4 and have gained significantly less weight than I did with my other kids.

Not for the same reasons, but I was very thin when I had my first child, and gained the most with him and less with each of the others in part I think because I am at a more reasonable weight to begin with.

good luck, not just with the baby, but with your therapy.



answers from Honolulu on

I gained less with my 2nd pregnancy. Only 15 pounds.
Per my Doctor, that was fine... he actually said that with my 2nd pregnancy, he wanted me to gain 15 pounds max, because my starting weight with the 2nd pregnancy, was more, than when I first got pregnant with my first child.
I actually did not try to not gain weight.. It just evened out, naturally and I still ate healthily and fine.
And my OB/GYN is a real strict stickler... with how much weight a woman gains... per each subsequent pregnancy. He does not let a woman just gain weight loosely or unhealthily.... during pregnancy.

I am not and was not young like you, when I was pregnant. Being younger, you can probably lose the weight more efficiently... than I did. Being I am older.
But the key is to be healthy... especially if you will be breastfeeding.... and caring for a baby day and night.

Ultimately, talk with your OB/GYN... about it and your concerns and history....
all the best,



answers from Dayton on

My first 2 children are about 18 months apart. I gained 42 with my first and only 23 with my second. After my first was born i lost 48 and 25 with my second. I was underweight all throughout their childhoods up until about 4 years ago where I was able to put on weight so I am at a healthy level. They are 10 and 9 now.

Best of luck with your bulimia.



answers from Cleveland on

I am 30. I had my first child at 27 and gained 17 pounds and lost that pretty quickly. I'm due on Tuesday with my second child and I've gained 16 pounds so far. I eat just as much as the next pregnant woman, I don't know why I can't put on more weight. My measurements are good - my current child is measuring large. I think that it all depends on the person, but I would say that having another child to run around after keeps you more active and the weight doesn't come on as quickly.



answers from Johnstown on

I actually LOST 68 with my first pregnancy and then LOST 54 when I was pregnant with my twins. If you just take care of yourself and maybe plan out a menu for yourself, you'll be ok. I've been where you are. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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