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Updated on May 14, 2007
Y.I. asks from Allen, TX
8 answers

Is $50.00 enough to spend on my neice having a baby or should I spend more.

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answers from Dallas on

Good morning Y.,

I think a $50.00 baby gift is very generous! Baby GAP in Grapevine Mills or Children's Place is a great place to go for wonderful baby gifts.

Have a great week!

C. Roeschen
The Trinity Group
Keller Williams
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answers from Dallas on

Id def. go off her registary and get her what she really truly needs now. Sometimes people go crazy buying items that you really dont have to have and then you realize you dont have all the nessecities. Diapers are always good to throw into the gift you buy b/c you can never get enough of those. They make the newborn first aid kits at Target that have meds, clippers and such in it. Burp rags (can never have enough of those too)! Also if her registary is full alreasy a gift carrd is great so that she can get what she didnt get or use it later when she needs to start buying bigger things then she has money to spend. Good Luck



answers from Dallas on

Hi! I think $50 is a very nice amount. If you are interested, I could make you a beautiful Diaper Wreath for her. I do have some ready-made ones for $25-30. I could also design a Custom Diaper Wreath that she could hang on the hospital door or in her room or the nursery. You can choose the theme, color, and use items from her Registry, if you'd like.

If you're interested, please, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] can check out our website at:

Best wishes to you.



answers from Dallas on

I think $50 is fine. I see that someone already recommended me on here, I can make a diaper cake that fits your budget. Not only are they absolutely adorable, they are very practical too! Every new mom needs diapers, and I can even fill it with all the baby necesseties: nail clippers, thermometer, socks, baby hat, bib, booties, soaps, etc. And it's of course topped off with an adorable stuffed animal topper for baby to keep.

I can custom make it to however you want it and can deliver it to you to avoid shipping costs. Here's my website again!



answers from San Antonio on

$50 is certainly a generous amount. My aunt spent around that much for me and I got a diaper bag, a diaper genie, and the changing table pad from her. So see, you can get her lots of stuff or one nice thing and maybe not even spend all of your $50. I know some other moms have recommended going to baby Gap and Children's Place, but if this is your niece's first child, I highly recommend shopping off her registry. Most registry items are less than $50, with the exception of bedding and large furniture items, and you can't go wrong getting her something she, herself, picked out. Oh and if you do shop her registry, print it out and take it to Baby Depot at Burlington, the stuff there is so much cheaper and it's the SAME stuff. I got my same bedding there for $20 less than it cost at Babies R Us.



answers from Little Rock on

I agree with Tammy - spend what you are comfortable spending. The best $$$ Ive ever spent on a baby shower gift was at and even the dads LOVED it! The mom that does it is actually on this site too so she is local. But the diaper cakes are the best and the taggy blankets are a HUGE hit with the babies as well. The diaper cake can be fit to any theme and be anywhere from a diaper "cupcake" to a 4 teir and has all the stuff a new mom would need, diapers, lotion, socks and so on. Its SOOOOO awesome! They even have diaper wreaths to take to the hospital too if you want.



answers from Dallas on

Hi Y.:

First rule of thumb of gift giving - don't spend more than you can afford. If 50.00 is comfortable for you, it will buy a great gift. Choose carefully and you could make it a gift and gift card.



answers from Dallas on

Depends on how close you are and if you doing other things for her already. It is a personal choice. Also, if you shop well, you may be able to make that money really stretch so it could be plenty. It is finally upto you to decide.

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