How Much to Pay a Friend to Dog/house Sit

Updated on May 29, 2013
H.M. asks from Argyle, TX
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I have a friend that is coming to puppy sit and stay in my home. She hasn't asked for money but would like to give her an appropriate amount to thank her for helping me out. I didn't want to board my dog since he is only 10 wks old. What sounds like a good amount to give her. She is a school teacher so she will probably be spending most of her time at my house since school will be out.

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answers from Washington DC on

Last year I went to my girlfriends house and watched her home and their two dogs for 6 days. She paid me $500. I was NOT expecting $500 - but she felt that I LOVED her dogs and took care of them like they were my own.

Call the kennel and find out what you would pay at the kennel and then pay her that. Maybe more if you can find it. She's taking care of a puppy - is he house trained? If not - then she'll be cleaning up after him as well.

When I had someone take care of my kids in 2006 - I paid her $400 for the week and that's my kids...

Do what you can afford...

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If you are wealthy then pay her what the others are saying.

If you're like most of us and can't afford to spend $500 on a 10 week old puppy then I'd pay her $20 per day. She is free to go and do what she wants because the puppy is pretty much stationary. Meaning she can come and go and the dog won't be able to get out, run away, chew stuff up if he's confined to one room, she's basically getting to stay at a friends house for the weekend and caring for a small animal an hour or so during the day.

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answers from Atlanta on

If this is a close or fairly close friend, she's doing you a favor as a friend, as you would for her so it's much different than paying a stranger. This could even be something she doesn't mind doing or wants to do. Is this putting her out or is it not a problem? Since you think it neccessary to pay her, I'd simply ask her what she thinks it's worth? You didn't say how many days.

My daugher has been dog/house sitting for over ten years as a side job and she mostly lets the owners decide, it's just always turned out that way, as they're usually getting her by word of mouth or because they're in a bind. But they've all been good about it. She has gotten anything from 25 to 100 a day.

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answers from Detroit on

I wouldn't expect much if it were me. Just have food stocked (and tell her it is for HER, so for her to eat it so it doesn't go bad. LOL) and maybe a gift card for her favorite restaurant or store for about $10 - $20per day. It's not like a child that she needs to keep entertained constantly.

It does help to know how long you will need her for, though. 2 days for going out of town for a wedding or something is less intrusive than say a week for a vacation. The longer you are gone, the more per day I would think is appropriate. Even though it is not a child, 10 week old dogs DO require more attention than an adult dog and she won't be able to be gone for long periods of time.

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answers from Kansas City on

We pay our dog/cat/house sitter - a good friend of ours - her going rate of $35/day. Cheaper than boarding, the pets get to keep their routine, the plants get watered and the house has an occupant as if we were home.

If your friend isn't used to puppies (potty training, teething, chewing, tons of energy) it will be work to her!

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answers from Dallas on

I have a dog/house sitter and I pay her $25 per visit which is at least twice a day and for about 45 minutes each.

Then when she returns at night to sleep I pay her $60/night.

My typical pet/housesitting bill for 5 days, 4 nights runs a little over $500 by the time I add a tip.

It is worth it to me for the safety of my dogs.. she loves them and the added security of having someone live in the house while we are gone.

Call your local pet sitters to get an idea of the going rate in your area.

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answers from New York on

Minimum of $25.00 a day. My daughter gets $30.00 to $35.00 when she sits for dogs.



answers from Dallas on

I got paid $25 a day to cat, bird & hamster sit. I went twice a day, fed, watered, litter box emptying etc..



answers from Detroit on

I hired an 18 year old girl that I used to babysit when I was young to dog sit while we were in NY. We were gone for 4 days. I gave her $50 and made sure the linens were changed, had food she likes in the house etc.



answers from Dallas on

I'm a dog sitter and I get $10 per day from friends, $20 from folks I don't know well.

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